Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Assassination news

A vacant property near the Israeli embassy in Dublin was used as a home address while checking in at the Dubai hotel by one of the Mossad assassins carrying a fake Irish passport.

One of the Israelis whose passport was 'stolen', Michael Bodenheimer, is a rabbi in Israel (we're told the face on the passport doesn't match the Israeli Bodenheimer). The passport is German, and was applied for in person in Germany in 2009 by someone who gave an address in Herzliya. From Der Speigel:
"It's a new day in Herzliya, the Mediterranean city just a few kilometers north of Tel Aviv that is home to diplomats and the wealthy. The address Bodenheimer gave as his last place of residence before leaving for Germany is Yad Harutzim Street No. 7, in the business district of Herzliya. It's a modern four-story building. A high-end kitchenware shop is on the ground floor.

The Sabbath has already started, but lights still shine from a few of the building's windows. A blue board hangs by the building's reception desk. 19 firms are listed here, including one Michael Budenheimer (the letters u and o are identical in Hebrew). The security guard says he doesn't know anyone by that name; the firm that rented out the fourth floor moved out six months ago. "They change all the time," he says. On top of the board is the name "Top Office."

On the Internet, "Top Office" offers all kinds of office services, including "virtual offices:" "Put your firm's name on the door!" the Web site says. In under 24 hours, a company can be registered, the secretaries can start answering calls and the reception desk can receive visitors and packages.

When SPIEGEL called Top Office, the call was passed to a woman who called herself "Iris."

"Last name?"

"That's not relevant."

"Do you know a man or a firm named Michael Budenheimer?"

"He might have been a client of ours."

"You don't want to know for sure?"

"Why would I?"

"Because his name is connected with the incident in Dubai, and a man with the same name gave your address in Herzliya as his last place of residence."

"We moved out six months ago."

"Are you going to set up an investigation?"

"Thanks for your call. Good luck. Goodbye."

Two days later, the name Michael Budenheimer and Top Office have been removed from the board in the lobby of the building in Herzliya. The guard won't say who took them off, or why.

There's a lot of evidence to suggest that the Mossad established a fake address at No. 7 Yad Harutzim Street, just a kilometers from their headquarters. The agency must have counted on the fact that the citizen registry office in Cologne would have someone from the German Embassy check Bodenheimer's background. A nameplate at a firm that rents office space would be a perfect cover. Whoever put Bodenheimer's name on the board must have simply forgotten to take it down. The fact that it was taken down in the middle of the night, as though by magic, doesn't make the Mossad any less suspicious. Sometimes little things like this poke holes in an otherwise perfect operation."

More here. Curiously, I managed to find a pdf of part (?) of the October 2009 edition of 'Telfed', 'The Voice of the Southern African Community in Israel', which contains an ad for Top Office (along with an ad for a company that does tax planning for Jews moving to Israel, and an ad for part of the infamous ultra-Zionist Interdisciplinary Center, and nothing else, making the whole pdf look decidedly fishy).

A comment by Declan Montgomery from a discussion in Ha'aretz:
"Cipora, the issue can be easily sorted. Let Israel issue a catagorical denial of any involvement in Dubai, agree to co-operate in an international investigation, provide evidence and agree to extradite anyone found guilty. If it transpires that someone is trying to implicate Israel then it will be demonstrated as such. Somehow I don`t think that is going to happen."

In rather obvious contrast to the British, the Irish aren't under the heel of the full ZOG, and thus are able to protect holders of Irish travel documents ("Challenging UK support for Israeli criminals"). It is amusing that both the British and Europeans, in full abject terror of the Jews, have to somehow pretend to be outraged by Israeli actions while doing sweet fuck all about it. The Austrians, still being blackmailed for Kurt Waldheim, let the Mossad run wild.

Dubai officials keep adding to the suspect list. The Mossad hit team is said to be quite small, and you have to wonder whether they were all involved.
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