Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

The morons at Microsoft actually managed to have Cryptome taken down for a while, but then backed off when it sunk through their thick skulls that the document they were trying to hide, which almost nobody would have seen had they not made a fuss over it, is now famous (and always available through mirrors). Just think how successful Microsoft might be if somebody there had a clue about this obscure thing called the internet. By the way, Microsoft's actions were an absolutely egregious misuse of the DMCA . In a just world, the entire board of directors of Microsoft would be in jail right now.

Goldman Sachs took money from the Greek government and set up a system of tricks which it knew would eventually lead to a disaster for the Greek economy. Then it set up a vehicle to allow it to profit from the collapse caused by the discovery of its tricks. The George Soros style of attack actually makes the economy fall even faster, and, of course, increases the profits to speculators able to bet against the economy. Everybody instinctively understands that what Goldman Sachs did is outrageous. Have they finally gone too far?

Vermont shut down a nuclear plant - or at least refused to allow it to continue to operate beyond the terms of its license - because its operators lied to regulators about its safety. How often do you hear a corporation suffer serious negative consequences because of wrongdoing? Never. I imagine the bribes will flow, the lawsuits will fly, and this decision will be reversed.

"Fundies and child abuse"

There has been a tectonic shift in world politics when Pakistan is taking credit for Iran getting their hands on Abdolmalek Rigi.
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