Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Immorality Wednesday

"Report: Exxon Still Orchestrating Campaign to 'Undermine Public Acceptance of Global Warming'" (I've removed the links in the original, but the Exxon connection comes from here):
"I have a challenge for you: try to come up with a company that better exemplifies the archetype of the nefarious, greed-driven, monolithic corporation than Exxon. Besides Haliburton. You have until the end of this blog post to do so. But it's a tall order: Exxon is behind one of the most infamous environmental catastrophes of our time, it makes more gross income than most nations' entire GDPs, and it does business with nations with unstable governments that are often hostile to the US. Worst of all, it has done everything in its power to push a misinformation campaign designed to discredit both climate science and international efforts to keep the earth's temperatures from rising to dangerous levels. And according to recent reports, its still up to its old tricks."

"A report in the Independent outlines how the oil giant is still funneling money through various conservative think tanks and organizations in order to propagate the myth that the science behind human-caused climate change is 'unsettled.' Even though it has repeatedly stated that it would stop doing so. Hell, we even fell for it when they said so (see Exxon turns off the disinformation tap).

We won't fall for it again. We won't fall for it when Exxon publicly calls for a carbon tax, saying it's the best way for them to anticipate costs - knowing full well that such a tax is entirely, 100% impossible politically in the US. Because Exxon has only one, singular goal - and just like that ol' stereotype of the Evil Corporation - it will do anything necessary to continue to turn profits. Even if it means intentionally misleading the public. I know this is starting to sound a bit too much like a Greenpeace press release, but I've had it."

and (greenwashing has turned conspiracy theory on its head; my emphasis in red):
"Millions of dollars have been spent on such misinformation campaign, and not just from Exxon. Which is why I can't help but find it amusing that climate skeptics often tout with pride the idea that they're thinking independently, apart from the masses, who have somehow been brainwashed by a massive swindle. In truth, it's closer to the exact opposite - the so-called skeptics are simply buying into a line manufactured by corporations that are attempting to protect their interests (with their access to near-unlimited resources). The so-called 'brainwashed masses' have an appreciation and understanding of science - and are able to respect the scientific process."

"Hooray, The New Republic Has Decided Someone Is an Antisemite"

"Where are Ethics in the Not-So-Great US Climate Policy Debate?" Actually, where are the ethics in any American policy debate. No wonder you're going to Hell so quickly.

"A Progressive Tax: It's Not Socialism, It's Correctionism":
". . . our economy allows a tiny percentage of us to take an inordinate amount of money from society, at an increasing rate. Some people may have dropped out of this elite group, but those who have moved in are making even more! The result is a system in which one man (hedge fund manager John Paulson in 2007) can make more money than the total of the salaries of every police officer, firefighter, and public school teacher in Chicago, while another man stands hungry in the cold. And any attempt to fix the system is called socialism."
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