Saturday, February 06, 2010

Spectacular mendacity

This is spectacular, even by the standards of mendacity set by the Jew-controlled media. The New York Times printed a story attributed to AP concerning Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's response to Israel's response to the Goldstone Report. The discoverer of the trick, 'FBernadotte' at Reddit, summarizes it well:
"NY Times misquotes UN document, says that UN chief “praised” the Israeli response to Goldstone and that "Israel followed up on every allegation". But the quote is from Israel's own document appended to the release. What Moon said is that no determination can yet be made as to Israel's compliance."

This bold faced lie, a completely outrageous mangling of the real story, will no doubt be used by the hasbara crowd as a main talking point. Bronner would no doubt have approved the NYT story before it was printed (I don't know whether his IDF son also signed off on it). The mainstream media lies for Israel. End of story.
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