Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Yes, This means Ahmadinejad Won the Election" This would hardly be worth mentioning except for the fact that the American CIA assets persist in asserting the opposite as if it were an established fact.

"Wells Fargo's Awesome Refusal to Waive Haiti Donation Fees: Goalposts of Greed Moved Back" Fuckers. Time for a boycott. Note the comment of 'Edward.Terpening' - after all the bad press, they decided to back off a bit in their greed.

"BRICUP’s Open Letter to Elton John"

"Ugly U.S. Americans head to Haiti for some extremely personal shopping" At least the Israelis just wanted organs. The Americans are worried about Satan! I wonder if God will help them through 20 years in a Haitian jail.

The meritocracy. (Note on the second picture)

Boots already on the ground in Pakistan:
"The discovery of the dead US soldiers revealed that America’s shadowy war in Pakistan not only involves drones but also small cadres of special operations soldiers."

"Most Palestinians were killed by drones" Note the discussion in the comments on completely illegal flechette weapons.

"More than 100,000 March in Support of Chavez in Venezuela"

"Vaccines Still Don't Cause Autism" And the study which caused all the controversy:
"For the study, Dr. Wakefield took blood samples from children at his son's birthday party, paying them 5 pounds each ($8) for their contributions and later joking about the incident."
"The retraction is the third strike for the controversial paper: Ten of the 13 authors later renounced the study in a statement to the Lancet. It was found out that Wakefield received funds from lawyers hired by parents who believed their children were harmed by the MMR vaccine. And last month, the UK General Medical Council’s Fitness to Practice Panel ruled Wakefield broke research rules and acted unethically, which prompted the Lancet to withdraw the paper."

Some of the damage done:
"Wakefield continues to deny any wrongdoing, but many scientists consider the damage already done. In the decade since publication of the Lancet paper, measles vaccination rates fell in Britain. During that time, cases of measles in England and Wales rose 25-fold to 1,370 cases in 2008, according to the British Health Protection Agency."

We need a booster shot - or perhaps another Jewish holocaust movie - for our brain-washing: "How to Think About: Jewish Bankers"

Autism-nonsense-central gets punked: "How a Layabout Used the Huffington Post to Become a Rothschild"

"A St. Groundhog's Day Tradition"

The Frantics - A Piece of Pie.
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