Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still looking for the Palestinian Gandhi?

Canadian authorities are claiming in court that the lack of any evidence that Mohamed Harkat is a terrorist is proof that he is a terrorist. These agents have the best training in the world, able to stifle their laugh reflex no matter what they have to say.

Joe Jackson would like the authorities to go after the people who paid the doctor to murder Michael.

I've been hoping and praying that the Vancouver Olympics are wrecked by a lack of snowfall.

Have you noticed that the pressures on Zionism have caused the Jews to start expressly attacking other religions, something they have largely kept to themselves over the millennia? The supremacism is being forced to the surface.

Infamously bad French Jewish public philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy cites Botulism to attack Immanuel Kant.

David Duke.

"Coffee shop where you pay the coffee of the next client"
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