Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you can believe it, it has become a political issue in Britain that the British government feels it is more important to help the Jews commit another illegal assassination than it is to protect the safety of the holders of British passports. "David Miliband, the foreign secretary, insisted he was determined to 'get to the bottom of' how fake British passports were involved in the killing." Perhaps this 'dual loyalist' Jew should check the memos where he ordered it.

I saw this hilarious thread through Reddit, with the Freepers discussing the technical ins and outs of benefiting from socialized medicine.

Psychopathic serial killers often commit a long string of murders, and when they are caught the police try to clean up their unsolved list by pinning murders on the psycho. The psycho often demurs on the basis that he couldn't have been killing Miss A in City B, because at that time he was busy killing Miss C in City D. The Jews are attempting to explain away Blair's claim of Israeli involvement in the planning for the attack on Iraq by saying that the Israelis were involved at the time with Britain and the U. S. because of the Jenin massacre. In other words, they weren't directing the planning of a War For The Jews that resulted in the deaths of over a million gentiles in Iraq because they were busy in the mass murder of Palestinians, and the British-American contact was a vain attempt to get them to stop, or at least slow down. How do the Jews keep track of all the atrocities?

I never link to anything in The Nation because it is utterly irrelevant, but this article, on how paid lobbyists do double duty as objective 'experts' promoted by the mainstream media, is worth the read. There is never the slightest reference to the conflict of interest, a misdirection that can be blamed equally on the media outlets and the lobbyists themselves.

Goldman Sachs was involved in structuring the Greek debt to hide Greek default of Euro financial requirements from the European regulators. I suppose it should be no surprise that sources are indicating that it was none other than Goldman Sachs - along with hedge funds run by John Paulson - that has been putting speculative pressure on its client Greece in order to make money, presumably by shorting the Euro.
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