Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I really think the Jews assumed the Arabs would be too dumb to use the security tape footage to reconstruct the assassination. Another example of the fact that supremacism/racism will be the downfall of the Jewish Empire.

"Greenspan, Friedman and Summers win Dynamite Prize in Economics"

"Demographic pressures in northern Israel" This kind of trend will continue to drive the Jews stark raving mad, and we will continue to see an escalation in abandoning even the pretense of belonging to the world of human beings (Harvard University's reaction, both predictable and priceless). How long before the Jews push it so far that 'anti-Semitism' becomes fashionable again?

Keep digging until it all falls down. Then say it was an 'act of God'.

Israel's ongoing efforts to weaken (destroy) international law are supported by the World Elites who intend to use Israeli methods on their own populations (one of the many, many reasons why the mad dog has to be put down, humanely or otherwise):
"Imagine an entire world unprotected against occupation, invasions, exploitation and warehousing, a global Gaza. It would be world that reflects current reality: everyone would be either an Israeli Jew, part of a privileged global minority who main ethical responsibility is towards defending itself against 'terrorists,' or a Palestinian, part of an impoverished, occupied majority with no control over its resources or its future, which nevertheless carries responsibility for the well-being and security of its violent 'zero-tolerant' masters."

You can see how Israeli methods would be useful in a place like, say, the United States, where the complete degradation of the poor and the destruction of the middle class, all lorded over by the richest and tiniest group of leaders in modern First World history, is going to cause some big joestackish social problems.

The UAE is picking its friends carefully: Abdolmalek Rigi was on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan when somebody was kind enough to inform Iranian authorities, who were able to force the plane to make an unscheduled Iran landing. Iran's Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi noted that Iran received no assistance from regional intelligence services in the capture of Rigi, which means that it did receive such assistance, for why otherwise would he say it.
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