Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesdasy, February 16, 2010

"Assignment: Find The Charlotte Observer's Russian spy" - spectacular bit of writing/research!

Truly pathetic attempt to spin Tony Blair's admission that Israel was involved in the Bush-Blair decision to attack Iraq. Blair's admission was made in the context of talking about Iraq. He made no reference to the massacre at Jenin. The fangers lies are starting to catch up to them, and they don't know what to do about it.

Speaking of fanger liars, note how Goldberg states that the Palestinians rejected Taba! More pathetic lying. Taba was wrecked by Sharon's walk on the Temple Mount and his subsequent election.

Typically inept Israeli assassination squad is fingered (and two Palestinians arrested, probably Dahlen thugs). Why would they bring so many? Why would they associate together giving Dubai authorities the chance to obtain photos of the entire group? Mahmoud al Mabhouh seems to have been stunned with a taser, then suffocated and/or poisoned (and why didn't he have bodyguards?). Dubai's an easy place to pick up the requisites (perhaps from a Jewish diamond trader). You can't miss the usual Mossad use of forged foreign passports, although this time they left New Zealand and Canada off the hook. In the past, these incidents were treated as spy-versus-spy, and ignored. The Milan CIA rendition case changed all that, and the Dubai officials are properly treating this as a criminal investigation.

The lying over torture continues, even after the admission that the CIA has already lied about its efficacy.
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