Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The commander of the Canadian air force base at Trenton, a guy on a career track to reach the top of the Canadian military, has been charged with murder and may be a serial killer.

It is hardly necessary if you've read some of his writing, but specific examples of the Bronner Bias are starting to come out. Bronner on Fisk. Jewish supremacism is so ubiquitous it is invisible.

American debt collectors are against health care reform.

"Prosecutors at the human rights trial of former Liberian warlord Charles Taylor alleged Thursday that Christian televangelist Pat Robertson had lobbied the White House on Taylor’s behalf in return for a gold mining contract."

The 20 per cent enriching is just another bargaining chip. The next war will be another unprovoked Israeli attack on Lebanon (and perhaps Syria, if Syria continues to draw closer to the West while complaining about the Golan Heights). As always, there won't be an attack on Iran. Just how many times do I have to be right about this?

Eric Margolis, who unfortunately recently lost all his credibility in a serious writing accident, points out that the cost of all the Wars (For The Jews) is ruining the United States.
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