Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Damage control ('anti-Semites' everywhere!) from the Zionist Post. I note that the CanWest newspapers have yet to be sold. The broadcasting part of the bankrupted CanWest business was sold to Shaw Communications, but not before a last-minute effort by a bunch o' Jews - including members of the Grasper family who had run CanWest into the ground, and Goldman Sachs! - to keep the broadcasters Zionist.

Dubai moves from win to win. The bank that issued the credit cards seems to have been chosen using a sophisticated computer program that picks a spot the farthest away from any living American Jew (a program that might be useful for some of the commentators to this blog). My review of the local paper's website indicates it hasn't yet picked up on the biggest story in local history.

Fisk and some Israeli 'journalist' who might as well be on the Mossad payroll. More Melman Jew-spin here.

The Israeli propaganda campaign. Bring it on - supremacists haven't a clue how much it is already backfiring.

"On MicroSD Problems" (found here; I think he means rogue):
"Very low serial numbers, like very low MAC ID addresses, are a hallmark of the 'ghost shift', i.e. the shift that happens very late at night when a rouge worker enters the factory and runs the production machine off the books. Significantly, ghost shifts are often run using marginal material that would normally be disposed of but were intercepted on the way to the grinder. As a result, the markings and characteristics of the material often look absolutely authentic, because the ghost material is a product of the same line as genuine material."

THE COCKTAIL PARTY. Fine as far as it goes, but the most important issue facing the world is environmental, and there is no mention of it.

Apologizing to the Sheriff.
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