Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

The evil Koch brothers.

Finkelstein's found another Jew with onions but this one is so over the top it feels like a parody.

The Goldberg story (it looks like the 'Langley'-Fanger feud will be going on for a while). What other country but the United States would have, as one of its leading 'unbiased' commentators on a country and its relationship to the United States and the Middle East, a former concentration camp guard for that country?

"Israel's Reut Institute removes 'sabotage' and 'attack' language to hide its true intentions #hasbara"

"Why protest building a synagogue"

Rude Bibi got everything he wanted and says he wants to talk peace with the Palestinians as he drops bombs on them.

Israeli spy planes over Hungary.

Old news from someone who uses "uses cutting-edge political science" but the paragraph on Armenia is the future of Israel.

Apologizing for referring to a Rosie DiManno column, even indirectly, is a growing internet meme, so I apologize.

If this El Al flight took off, who was on it? There is usually no need to spirit Israelis away as nobody in the American government has the guts to ask them any questions.

Elliot Abrams conspiracy theory (notice the picture and the chipmunk cheeks he has to store his fangs).
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