Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hillary just finished the most disastrous Latin American tour by an American official since Nixon in 1958 (coupled with the disaster of her trip to Pakistan, Hil makes Condi look like the world's greatest diplomat). No matter how awful Obama is, just remember how much worse it could have been with Hil:
"The Honduras crisis has been managed to a successful conclusion."

The Chile earthquake.

"Brazil's Lula to visit Palestinian territories"

"Testimony in Jesuits massacre case in Spain"

The people of Iceland voted overwhelmingly in a referendum not to cover for the debts created by the banksters. Needless to say, the government of Iceland is looking for a way to do just what the referendum overwhelmingly rejected. Sounds like the people of Iceland need to start stocking up on some rope.

Practically as Biden's plane touches down, and with the corrupt Palestinian Authority browbeaten and bribed into participating in more nonsense negotiations, Israel pours on the chutzpah by approving more illegal settler houses. The Jews just can't help showing who is in charge.

The Dubai fiasco isn't the only recent Israeli intelligence problem.

The Jews start to war-game an Israeli attack on Iran and realize it would mean the end of Jewish Israel (hardly a 'nightmare'!). Of course, Israel has no intention of attacking Iran (all the 'Iran talk' is a cover for the upcoming water-driven attack on Lebanon, which will also be a disaster for the Jews).

Weiss is very strong in answering Green, who left himself very vulnerable to attack by his old-fashioned, out-dated, and frankly stupid materialist reductivist analysis. Weiss' ease in brushing Green aside doesn't mean Weiss is anything other than lite.

More from the world's most Evil people.

Elections in Iraq.
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