Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Planning for a Post-Israeli Warworld

The relationship between the Pentagon and World Jewry is starkly simple: the Jews set up the wars - the Wars For The Jews - through their financial manipulation of American politics and their control of the media, and the Pentagon fights these wars. Since the Jews crave wars to build Anti Assimilation Land, and wars are what the generals and general wannabes want to build their careers and enrich the MI Complex, it works out for both the Jews and the Pentagon.

Folks in the Pentagon aren't dumb. Withing ten years, Jewish Israel won't exist. What then for the generals? How will the Pentagon transition to a world without Wars For The Jews?

We're just beginning to see the thoughts of the Pentagon planners. Petraeus has formally presented the problem to the joint chiefs of staff - the guys who represent the interests of the MI Complex - in the disguised form you might expect, that America is being perceived as weak due to its enslavement by the Jews, a weakness which is actually starting to pose a danger to American troops and affecting American fighting success. The message has made it to the White House, which is why Biden phrased his anger at Netanyahu in exactly those terms (and why the Head Jew had Goldberg ask a treasonous anonymous Jew in the White House to deny Biden's words). It was this base of thinking that created such a crisis in Washington when Netanyahu characteristically yet again spit in the eye of Biden and the United States.

This is extremely dangerous territory for World Jewry. While a few phone calls from the Jewish Billionaires will quickly bring the politicians into line, grovelling as usual (just watch them at the AIPAC conference!), Jews have no real control over the Pentagon, and the MI Complex is too powerful to push around through the ownership of the American political class. The idea, beloved of the Christian Zionists, that fighting Wars For The Jews is protecting the United States, is not only untrue, but preposterous, and World Jewry must realize that their control over the media can't help them once the Pentagon decides to shift alliances. The Pentagon's transition to a post-Israeli world will accelerate the end of the shitty little county.
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