Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Protecting the continued misuse of British passports

The expulsion of an Israeli diplomat is a trick by the 'dual loyalist' Jew Miliband to protect Zionism and its operating practices. The diplomatic action is ostensibly punishment for the forging by Israel of British passports which were obtained long enough to copy them at an Israeli airport. Problem: we know from Dubai authorities the passports weren't forgeries, but were real. We also know that all the 'victims' were ultra-Zionists who conveniently weren't traveling at the time of the Dubai operation.

By expelling the diplomat, the sayanim Miliband is attempting to hide the fact that the real British passports were manufactured in Britain by 'dual loyalists' in the British government to specifications provided by the Mossad (who must have been in contact with the 'victims' to ensure that they would agree to the use of their identities and that they would not be traveling at the relevant time). Miliband is stressing the forgery angle to cover up the infiltration of the British passport office so his employers in the Mossad can continue to use real British passports.
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