Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blankfort's long list of American Presidents whose necks have been under the crushing jackboot heels of the Jews.

The curse of Che.

The U. S. isn't the only country whose leader bears Jewish sole marks on his pitiful neck.

The economics of the American health care system. Right-wing economics (which is to say, all economics) consists entirely of finding ways to pass the burden of corporate activity onto others.

"Gerald Posner: 'I'm a Thieving Cocksucker'" The only true thing that has even emanated from Posner. More here, in particular the post of Tim Elfrink in the comments.

More Jewish jackboot action: "Pride Toronto to censor parade signs". Jews: is there anything they can't ruin? As I keep saying, the mad dog must be put down now, or we will all pay terrible consequences. The end of free speech is just a tiny example.

Listening to the white men carry their Iran burden makes you wonder if they are writing about the same country:
"Another reason, however, is that normal conversations about normal politics are cordoned off by the electrified fence of Iran media coverage, where anyone can be accused of being a regime apologist if they say that the tap water in Tehran is potable."

American right-wingers have suddenly developed this odd concern for the Iranian poor, and how President Ahmadinejad is supposedly oppressing them.

The usual:
"They said the informant badgered the defendants until they got involved in the plot.

They said the informant chose the targets, supplied fake bombs for the synagogues and a fake missile to shoot down planes. The motion said he also offered to pay the defendants, who attorneys alleged weren't inclined toward any crime until the informant began recruiting them."

Btw, the ringleader of the Toronto 'terrorists' admitted he had no religious motivation, and was in it entirely for the money - he planned to short Canadian stocks and then blow up the Toronto Stock Market - which leads me to the question: what is the difference between the 'terrorist' and the government informant? They were both in it for the money, and neither would have any chance of actually committing terrorism. The only difference is that one guy walked away with millions of dollars of taxpayer money, and the other will cost millions of dollars of taxpayer money to incarcerate. How do prosecutors sleep at night?
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