Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Jewish Fanaticism":
"Anyone who has the audacity to say one word against the “Jewish lobby,” Israeli policy, or Jewish “over-representation” in the media immediately finds himself dragged through the mud by the whole media system, covered in spit, calumniated, vilified, delivered to the feet and fists of a hysterical mob hypnotized by the buzzwords of Big Brother."

"The Jewish Mafia: An Interview with Hervé Ryssen"

In the same vein: "Cramer, who is a sociopath, owns with Marty Peretz, who is an aristocrat. Peretz is also the former editor of the New Republic magazine." How the hell did this appear in the ultra-censored Daily Kos?

"Occult Profiling: Where it comes from and why it’s worth fighting"

Pope on the ropes. He can't admit anything, as that would compromise the ability of priests to continue to abuse.

"Who is Killing Whom in Palestine?"

"Settlements have cost Israel $17 billion, study finds" - as noted, more accurate if you replace 'Israel' by 'American taxpayers'.

"Potato Chip Heir Kills Self, Fakes Own Murder" He tried to set up the suicide to make it look like a murder at the hands of somebody angry at the exploitation of its workers by the potato chip company! The Law & Order producers won't be far behind.

"How we killed Archbishop Romero"
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