Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday, March 27, 2010

It's a stark choice - you can either:
  1. be nice to the Jews, or
  2. tell the truth:
"A fictional story about a Palestinian girl whose family's homestead is razed by settlers is being investigated by Toronto's public school board after a parent - echoing concerns by Jewish groups - complained it is 'designed to teach kids to hate Israelis.'"

The entire British government has been corrupted by the Jews (to be fair, by others as well, but the Jews predominate), with a new term - 'cabbing' - invented to describe the easy way you can buy elected representatives. You just waive your shekels in the air, and the MP stops to pick you up and vote for your vile interests (Bliar, of course, has the most spectacular conflict of interest of all). Meanwhile:
"Three hundred and twenty-seven members of the House of Representatives signed a letter addressed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in which they expressed their concern over the tensions between the US and Israel, declared their support for Israel and called on the Obama Administration to commit the security of the Jewish state."
The disconnect between the average voter and elected representatives has never been greater (just look at those very few fair polls that are allowed, or read the comments in those rare cases where comments on Israel are allowed). While the Jews are sea bathing, there will have to be wholesale treason trials in all western nations. I'm quite serious - treason is the only word to describe it. All these crooks have been bought off by the Jews to put the interests of a foreign country above their own.

Saree Makdisi:
". . . the fact of the matter is that the expulsion or "transfer" of Palestinians has been a core feature of Zionism as it has been practiced since 1948. It is inherent in Zionism as a political program - from right to left - because, if the idea behind Zionism is to establish an exclusively Jewish state (which it is), the only way for a would-be Jewish state to have been established on land that began the twentieth century with a population that was overwhelmingly (93 percent) non-Jewish was through the removal of the land's non-Jewish population. The sense that there is an inherently Jewish land inconveniently cluttered up with a non-Jewish population that needs to be dealt with somehow or other drove Zionist planning all through the 1930s (the "transfer" of the Palestinians was planned more than a decade before the 1948 war). And, as grotesque as ever, it was on full view in Netanyahu's speech."

It appears that the attacks by the American government on Wikileaks is an attempt to block the release of the video on the cover-up of one of the American airstrikes on civilians in Afghanistan (in yet another War For The Jews). All they have succeeded in doing is providing free advertising for the video.
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