Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gordon Brown announces the Jewish War Criminals Protection Act while his government pretends to be investigating the Mossad misuse of British passports (the postponement means the Conservatives will have to do the dirty work, which they will be happy to). The Jews obviously want to make it clear to everybody who really runs the country. To see what the people who "never will be slaves" think, read the comments here. Not that it matters what they think.

"Letter to Leader Michael Ignatieff regarding his statement on Israeli Apartheid Week" What Iggy thought before he sold his soul - such as it was - to the Jews.

The Jewish population of Palestine was all of 3.3% of the total population when World Jewry started the land-stealing process. There won't be peace in the Middle East until it is back down under 10%.

"Argentine Wanted for 1972 Massacre Arrested in U.S.":
"A retired Argentine navy lieutenant wanted in his homeland for the summary execution of 16 jailed guerrillas in 1972 was arrested Thursday in the United States, Argentina’s Human Rights Office said.


Argentine Judge Hugo Sastre indicted Bravo and five other navy personnel for torture, murder, attempted murder and false imprisonment.

Sastre asked the United States to apprehend Bravo after a 2008 newspaper story about the fugitive’s comfortable life in Miami.

Argentina’s human rights secretary, Eduardo Luis Duhalde, said Thursday that Bravo left Argentina in 1977 and ultimately settled in South Florida, where he founded a business, RGB Group, Inc., which had contracts with the U.S. Armed Forces."

I've got some new thoughts coming on the murder of Michael Jackson - he's not the first.
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