Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Head Jew ordered the fanger to stick up for the second most traitorous man in America after 'Mega'.

You have to wonder why the Mossad is on this big assassination/operations spree (after Dubai, Hungary spy planes, Budapest assassination, and now something in Algeria):
  1. Is there something coming up in a hurry that requires a lot of people to be eliminated for the purposes of World Jewry?
  2. Did Dubai make it fashionable for Jewish murders to become publicized (in other words, is this just the normal rate of Mossad assassinations and attempts, but we're noticing it more?)?
  3. Or are the Supreme Beings miffed about all the complaints about Dubai and are just showing the world that nobody tells them what to do?

The media is continuing to spread the new Official Story, that Israelis forged British passports, in order to keep the 'dual loyalist' operation within the British government safe and operational.

Lebanon will indeed be the next innocent victim of World Jewry. When will we put the mad dog down?

Easter message from a real Christian (as opposed to those fucking satanist Christian Zionists).

Unusually sensible:
"America is controlled by what economists call rent-seeking behaviour. Virtually everyone important has a revenue stream, and they don't want anyone to take that revenue stream away. So pharma and insurance companies, who would have been damaged badly by single payer (they would have lost hundreds of billions) made sure that a plan to provide everyone with better health care for a third less than current costs was never even considered.

The most important game in America today is the contest for control of government, so that government can directly or indirectly give you money. Health care "reform" in which the government decided to force Americans to buy private health insurance or be fined is merely the latest (and most blatant) example. Virtually every industry, from finance to telecom to agriculture is involved in this game. It is in all their interests to make sure the game continues, but they do fight amongst each other for the spoils.

This game will continue until the US can no longer afford it. Indeed, even now, some industries are taking it on the chin, loosing out to their better connected cousins. For example, the current downturn has seen the prison-industrial complex taking losing out. They get most of their money from State governments, and the States simply cannot afford to keep locking up so many people at so much cost.

This is the downward spiral of a great power in senescence. It ends in collapse, reformation or revolution, when it becomes clear that the rents of the Ancien Regime can no longer be afforded, and too many of those who were bought off are thrown off their dole."

The Democrats are trying to spin all dissent as based on racism, and no doubt some of the militia/Teabaggers are racists, but after Obama handed over hundreds of billions of printing press dollars to the fat cats on Wall Street (the same ones who caused the financial problems through sheer greed), and then picked the pockets of the middle class for hundreds of billions more to hand over to the health-pharma fat cats, there is plenty to be angry enough without being a racist. The American people are starting to look like the last corpse in the middle of a pack of hyenas.

"VIDEO: Israel’s Slow Taking of Jerusalem"

More on the role of Koch Industries in murdering the earth through climate change denial.

Another inconvenient outlier.

"Gerald Posner May Set World Plagiarism Record"

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