Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30. 2010

I think this is Flashback Friday.

"Analysis of 40-year-old tape may reveal whether Ohio Guardsmen were ordered to fire on Kent State protesters" Or, you can believe that the guardsmen simultaneously and coincidentally turned to face the same direction, like a school of fish, and fired. Or, you could ask them.

The last Malcolm X assassination patsy still in jail has been released on parole. That's a long time to stay in jail to maintain a cover-up.

"The Death of Anna Mae Aquash" Between the Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement, the FBI were very busy back in the 70s.

The Americans send up a top-secret star wars spy plane, and then purport to 'lose' it. I would have thought the usual conspiracists would be going crazy.

I wonder if Americans will notice global warming when they lose all their Eastern seaboard beaches.

Noam, Junior. The original has been extremely chatty lately (with an odd gas/Gazan fishermen conspiracy theory). Terrified at the Republican advertising campaign known as tea-baggers (why is the American 'left' so interested in providing legitimacy to what amounts to a trick?), he becomes self-referential:
"What I talk about are the liberal intellectuals, the ones who portray themselves and perceive themselves as challenging power, as courageous, as standing up for truth and justice. They are basically the guardians of the faith. They set the limits. They tell us how far we can go. They say, ‘Look how courageous I am.’ But do not go one millimeter beyond that. At least for the educated sectors, they are the most dangerous in supporting power.”

Oh, and that thing with all the 'Iran talk'? It is because Iran doesn't accept American orders. Needless to say, the Jews have nothing - nothing! - to do with it.

The real Jewish target is, of course, Lebanon (Litani River) and Syria (keep the Golan Heights in a 'negotiated' post-war 'peace' treaty). The US is helping by promoting the ridiculous Israeli casus belli lie about scuds being supplied by Syria to Hezbollah. We know it is a lie because Hezbollah has no use for scuds. They are too big and easy to see, thus making Israeli counterattacks very easy. This goes against the whole Hezbollah military strategy.

"Canadian postal workers protest against 'common values' stamp with the Zionist entity AND YOU CAN TOO!" It would be funny if they just threw out any letters with the illegitimate stamp on them.

"Look to Israel for a case study in proportional representation's flaws" Very unusual to see any sense on this issue (although the article is wrecked at the end by suggesting that 'stable' Britain could handle PR - just what does he think made Israel so 'unstable'?). Proportional representation not only gives power to nuts, it actually encourages political extremism. On the other hand, first by the post encourages and rewards political moderation and compromise. Proportional representation is the second stupidest idea anyone has ever had, after corn biofuels (and how's that working out?).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After a disappointing amount of confusion, Gil Scott-Heron finally did the right thing and cancelled his scheduled - how the hell did that happen? - concert in the shitty little country. Any other decision would have made a mockery of his entire career. The Jews - how silly of me, I mean American taxpayers - must pay an enormous premium over regular concert fees to get people to appear there, just like the other apartheid regime used to do at Sun City.

"The Cochabamba Protocol: People’s Agreement on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth" Secret meetings of the Skull & Bones Society receive more coverage in the mainstream media.

"Club Med cancels cruise after angering Jewish groups" Scroll down here for the comment by Doubletake on Palestinian refugees from Lebanon trying to land in Haifa.

"Shell drafted letter Tony Blair sent to Gaddafi while Prime Minister"

"James Cameron: Oil and Coal Lobbies Engaged in "Disinformation Campaign to Discredit Science""

The New York Times: 'killed' or 'died'?

"Attn British people . . ."

Also from Irish4Palestine, 'Racist Traffic Lights". Israel is without doubt the most consistently racist country there has ever been.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tommy Motolla

Tommy Motolla. 'Hacking' back-off (wise, if Motolla really is the devil).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If they weren't such jerks you could almost feel a little sorry for those inventing and participating in the draw Muhammad contest. One of them is likely to be murdered. Not by Muslims, but by Jews in a false flag operation intended to create more enmity in Americans towards people from whom the Jews want to steal land.

"Why it's time to move away from McAfee" - I've always found McAfee/Norton products to be worse than the viruses they are supposed to defend against. John McAfee!

The Jewish holocaust as a defense to everything, even for those born after the event.

Schumer takes an Israel-over-the-United-States position and is proud of it. It is impossible to understand American politics.

The Israelis miss their hero.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

False flag outrage

The latest brouhaha over South Park was just an advertising campaign to raise awareness of a dying brand - still a good cartoon show though - over a phony controversy concerning two episodes that wouldn't have offended anyone who wasn't a member of an iconoclastic religion that worships Santa Claus. Needless to say, threats arose from a website purported to be run by Islamists, but which was really a false flag front created by a Jewish settler named Joseph Cohen to make Islam look bad. Some idiot 'artist' named Molly Norris tried to make this into a free speech issue (and is now distancing herself from the commotion), and the American knuckle-dragging right, in league with the geigh Dan Savage (another dying brand), is trying to create yet another campaign to advocate making fun of the religious beliefs of the poor and oppressed to allow the rich and powerful to feel more rich and powerful (and drop more bombs on the poor and oppressed). I wonder if the hipsters doing the will of the Jews and their usual allies, the hateful American extreme right, will ever realize they've been punked by the combination of a big corporate advertising campaign and the trickery of a settler.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some truth, albeit third-hand, from a Cockburn column:
"Yeah, I understand why we’re fightin’ in Iraq, ’cause Israel wants to bomb all those people back to the Stone Age. The reason terrorists are over here is because they are being colonized, the same way that the American Indians fought my ancestors ’cause they were takin’ their land. It makes sense. But the Jewish media talks about terrorism, says it ain’t got nothin’ to do with Palestine. It’s ’cause they hate our freedom, all kind of lies, and the American people: yuh, yuh, the Jews are right. Yuh, gotta protect Israel, preacher said so, God’s chosen people, hallelujah Israel. I wanna go to heaven, and when the Messiah comes along, I gonna be his man."

The anti-Zionist drift in the top brass at the Pentagon - the lower levels are still lousy with Christian Zionists, who have the soldiers fighting a 'crusade' - has not escaped the crazies.

Veolia whitewash doesn't stick.

The White House lites don't like the weasel ad.

More forensic lies:
"Forensic experts regularly testify about the age of bruises down to the hour, providing chronologies that allow prosecutors to give a suspect a window to have committed a crime. Or, alternately, to attempt to put a the crime at a time for which the defendant has an alibi."

What is 'outrageous enough' is that this fucking asshole is appealing to anti-war (!!!!!), anti-capitalist, anti-occupation (!!!!), anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and environmentalist principles to free a bunch of stupid spies who were engaged in an operation for a foreign country against a country of no threat to Americans. If you really want progressive action to free the spies, insist that the American government start treating Iran like it now treats Israel, and start treating Israel like it now treats Iran!

"Internet Ruins Racist Pickup Truck's Fun" - note the connection between the extreme right and Islamophobia, which we usually only see in Europe.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Occasionally politicians make a huge mistake and accidentally invite someone prepared to give truthful testimony, in this case making fun of the lie told by American regulators that they lack power to do anything about the financial mess.

More on the Kass treason problem.

Wiesel the weasel:
"Yet, Wiesel conveniently ignores the significance in Islamic doctrine of the Muslim prophet’s seminal journey to Jerusalem, in which he prayed in the Aqsa mosque, an event that is not only mentioned vividly in the Islamic scripture, but has been celebrated every year by Muslims around the world for over 1400 years."
Planted question allows Pentagon to create doubts in the shitty little country (flying across Iraq is too long a trip anyway).

How can you adopt a child without bacon?

Joke from popbitch:
"Q: How do you upset Heather Mills?
A: Nick Clegg."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm expecting great things for Poland in the next few years. You can't possibly lose almost your entire kleptocracy without great improvements to your country. Btw, what kind of country puts its entire government on one plane?

Speaking of organized criminals, the FBI is looking for Whitey Bulger in the bookstores of Victoria Island. Me, I'd like to know what the FBI is doing operating in Canada.

And speaking of organized criminals, one of the greatest organized crime bosses of this or any other time, Juan Antonio Samaranch, is dead. Tragically, his criminal organization lives on.

And speaking of organized criminals (read through to the third page) . . .

What about Dick and George (and Barack)?:
"Argentina's last dictator, Reynaldo Bignone, 82, was Tuesday sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty of ordering torture and illegal detentions during his 1982-1983 rule."
Maybe the world will be saved by volcanoes.

Hitler was becoming just a little too popular representing the frustrations of the average person - not exactly the role our propagandists have planned for him - so he got the birthday boot (the 'copyright' claim is ludicrous).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The real dirt - and it's really, really ugly - is starting to come out on Jason Kenney's illegal barring of George Galloway from Canada. Harper just had to fire a minister (a story which is becoming quite colorful), and Kenny's pretty safe anyway as an extreme right-winger, but this douchebag Alykhan Velshi may find himself in difficulty.

5th US Climate Action report: "Global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced"

It is ironic that Bibi can't stop talking about 'natural expansion' of the illegal settlements, when the illegal settlements have been engineered specifically to make natural expansion of Palestinian villages impossible.

"21st Century Mass Expulsion" Israel is the only state in the world based entirely on the principle of ethnic cleansing through mass expulsions.

"Profiting from Investments Designed to Implode":
"To me, there is a line that separates what is acceptable behavior on Wall Street and what is not. Shorting stocks, betting against housing and mortgages is one thing. I have no issue with a directional bet, up or down.

Creating synthetic products that are designed to implode, sandbagging clients to invest in them, and then betting against them - that is highly problematic."

It is interesting how the right-wingers can't stop harping on how difficult it will be to obtain convictions in these cases, as every step was technically legal (of course the same right-wingers are vehemently opposed to restoring the laws that used to make the recent shenanigans illegal), when in every legal system fraud is a crime.

Painful joke: “Lloyd Blankfein’s years of marketing worthless securities have prepared him for the important task of selling Treasuries to the Chinese.”

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

The hilarious story of Hani Hanjour. I really think Hanjour was written into the tale to prove just how much they could get away with.

Have you noticed that the Berkeley divestment debate was between two groups of Jews? Half way through they probably all switch sides and argue the other position.

Note that Dershowitz' main argument, singling out, is now officially treif, as it backfires badly.

People who question my links are really not going to like this, but where else are you going to read explanations of the inexplicable? I hate linkophobes.

Bibi can't visit Washington as Obama told him he didn't want to see him until Bibi could come up with something helpful to offer the Palestinians, and Bibi has no such ideas. Thus the plan of World Jewry is to hide in the weeds until the next Presidential election, and hope that Rahm can ensure Obama isn't reelected (that's why Rahm forght both Obama and Pelosi and wanted to give up on the fight for the health care bill, surmising that a Democrat loss would permanently brand Obama as a loser). The pathetic efforts of World Jewry to regain its Washington mojo is proof that the Old American Establishment is watching Obama's back, and the idea that American support for Israel is seriously hurting American interests is becoming mainstream (making the continued servility of Congress to World Jewry look even more sad).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The conspiraphobic Counterpunch skirts the issue of the background of inexplicable New York Times editorial decisions.

"20 Palestinian fatalities at demos against the apartheid wall"

"Daryl Gates' real legacy" - Hooveresque.

Blowback and the 'demographic problem': DU and other toxins used in the Wars For The Jews and the Israeli assault on the Palestinians may be causing plummeting Israeli sperm counts. It would be hilarious if the Jews do to themselves what Hitler couldn't quite manage.

"The complete guide to modern day climate change" "Climate scientist bashing" "Climategate Closed! Climatic Research Unit Cleared of Malpractice by Independent Review" The editors of the Guardian should be strung up: "Copenhagen destroyed by Danish draft leak, says India's environment minister"

Peter Galbraith

"Fourth New Orleans Officer Charged In Coverup Of Post-Katrina Shootings" - although Obama's been horrible, this and the recent legal action against Goldman Sachs would never have occurred under any Republican President. Never.

"More Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding Kaczynski Plane Crash"

Time traveler.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rahm and the subprime scamsters

The big Wall Street trick of the past few years was to create a market that was bound to fail spectacularly while simultaneously placing big bets that it would fail. Goldman Sachs is finally being called to account for it, and will no doubt have to pay a fine that totals a tiny percentage of the profit it made. Of course, the trick wasn't all of Goldman's business, as it is a full-service criminal syndicate. For a hedge fund called Magnetar (named for for the super-magnetic field created by the last moments of a dying star), its entire business was betting against the big doomed-to-fail market it helped create. It made the worst of the subprime derivative securities marketable by buying the worst pieces of them, thus allowing the banks to sell the rest, all the while shorting the entire market (and covering its worst positions with insurance). It even bet that portions of its own deals would fail (Magnetar is trying to defend its conduct).

The CEO of Magnetar is, naturally, a chap named Alec Litowitz. Rahm connection:
"But the sponsors of this toxic trade did bother to make sure they had a powerful friend. The head of the firm in question gave substantial amounts of money by political contribution standards to Rahm Emanuel’s PACs, and only his PACs, over the period when these transactions were in play.

The moving force behind a brilliant and devastating subprime short strategy was a heretofore unknown Chicago hedge fund, Magnetar, headed by Alec Litowitz, formerly of the hedge fund behemoth Citadel. Our studies indicate that Magnetar alone accounted for between 35% and 60% of demand for subprime mortgages in the year 2006."

Don't expect the SEC to come knocking on Litowitz' door for a while. On the other hand, when Obama needs a method to get the undermining Rahm out of his office . . .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Short history of Jewish lying

I highly recommend this summary of the history of Jewish lying in aid of their little land theft scheme:
"Take the slogan: 'Palestine is a land without people'. It was terra nullius, they say. Of course, Zionists knew that people lived there and built over 1000 towns and villages, most are 2000 years old, according to Eusebius the Bishop of Caesarea (313 AD) who recorded them. Yet Zionists submitted a map to the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919, showing Palestine as ‘a grazing land for nomads’. They presented this map to the colonial powers, particularly the British and the French. The irony of course is that the British had finished their voluminous survey of Palestine, 40 years earlier, in 10 volumes, listing 12,000 historical sites including towns and villages, and the French finished their survey through their scholar, Victor Guerin, in 1863, who produced 8 volumes of his journey to almost every Palestinian village. Yet they chose to believe the Zionists and hoodwinked their public to support this ‘noble and moral’ conquest, in churches, newspapers and public debates.

What then is the meaning of terra nullius? It does not mean (to them) an empty land. It means that those who live there do not matter, they are worthless. It is like clearing woods from dry bushes and insects.

These are the exact words of Herzl,

“If we move into a region where there are wild animals to which Jews are not accustomed – big snakes etc. – I shall use the natives, prior to giving them employment in the transit countries [read: expulsion], for the extermination of these animals.”

Of course he did not say this in his published book, only in his then unpublished diary."
Remember that the lying is multi-faceted - they had to lie the Palestinians out of existence, and subsequently lie about their murderous ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and they also had to create the most preposterous series of lies in order to create some connection with Palestine in this group of Central Asians by way of Europe and Brooklyn who have no more connection with the Middle East than they have with Mars (you'll notice the settler tour guide in the link I posted yesterday won't shut up with these lies). On top of that, they had to create this monstrosity called 'Biblical Archaeology' in order to attempt to manufacture any connection at all between Judaism and the Middle East (there is a connection, but it is so tiny it can't possibly bear the imperialist weight it has to bear). When you point out the lies, they call you an 'anti-Semite' and just keep lying.

Have you noticed that the heavily Jewish comedy shows on television are entirely about lying? Think about it the next time you watch Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm. The comedy comes from watching the lies pile up.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More on the amazing story of the mole Kass:
"Surely someone in Washington must see the security implications of a former foreign military officer holding a high level post in the Pentagon with full access to classified information."
"Settler Harassment: VIDEO ROUND-UP" The combination of violence and nerdy self-righteousness gives you an inkling of why the Jews have had such a rough time over the centuries. The IDF soldiers assisting are nothing more than war criminals and there will have to be a massive war crimes tribunal to judge and punish them in about ten years time.

"CNN vs. Al Jazeera landing page" "Ethan Bronner tops himself: he summarizes the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006"

Richard Cohen, celebrated by the lites as some kind of great humanitarian example to all Jews (my emphasis in red):
"Those of us who have watched Israel trying to control the West Bank have always wondered why the Palestinians have not tried passive resistance. This is what Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King did - and Israel is weak in the way Britain and America are. It has a conscience."
The Nazis thought they had a conscience too.

Typically snarky title, but it is interesting to know that Randall Jarrell is going to be studied as a colonialist poet, like a fifth-rate version of Rudyard Kipling. The number of poems celebrating crimes against humanity can't be too long, and this one has the peculiar twist of coming from 1947, when the nature of the crime was only fully understood by the criminals.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whenever they come to the bike shop . . .

"Whenever they come to the bike shop, the first thing they ask me to find them a prostitute."

"The worm is in the can"

"Restoring What Settlers Destroyed"

"Hungary’s Jews are worried following the stunning electoral success over the weekend of the far-right Jobbik party, which ran on an openly anti-Semitic and anti-Roma platform and accuses Jews of driving Hungary into a steep economic downturn." If the American banksters and hedge funds owners are all from the same group, how long before Americans figure this out? What will they do about it?

"Your Tax Dollars at War: More Than 53% of Your Tax Payment Goes to the Military" I note that most of this goes to the expense of fighting Wars For The Jews, which not only don't help American interests, but go directly counter to American interests.

The same tiny group of people

Have you noticed that it is always the same tiny group of people who want to stop the rest of us from meeting and talking? When will we rise up and tell them, once and for all, to fuck off or bear the consequences of our wrath?

Changing times

Noam 'I've-probably-been-the-leading-opponent-for-years-of-the-campaign-for-divestment-from-Israel-and-of-the-campaign-about-academic-boycotts' Chomsky endorses the divestment bill at Berkeley! It is too late to save poor Noam's shattered reputation, and it probably turns on the fact that the divestment bill is directed at American corporations, thus allowing Noam to continue the charade that all the problems of the Middle East are due entirely to Americans, but you can be sure that a year ago Noam wouldn't have backed any kind of BDS. At a time when Israeli sports teams and cultural figures are booed off the stage around the world, and when Bibi doesn't even dare show his ugly face in Washington (while not too long ago Israeli leaders, including Bibi, pranced around the United States like they ran the place, which they did, and still largely do), Zionists, from fangers to faux lites to lites, are having to change strategies fast.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is a good summary of various Polish government plane crash conspiracies, though I'll admit I'm partial to the theory that the twin's arrogance was behind it.

Something I've been thinking about is the establishment's fear of freedom of assembly - note Kyrgyzstan, where the new government seems to be holding an auction over whether the U. S. base will stay (!), and what's going on in Thailand (tragic death of a Reuters reporter covering Thailand with part of his final video here) - for example how the Coulter debacle in Ottawa was an attack on freedom of assembly disguised by the right as an attack by the left on Coulter's freedom of speech. The establishment is getting ready for the coming uprisings (FEMA camps, misuse of 'freedom of speech', denigration of the importance of freedom of assembly).

"Top 5 Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers Are Zionists" - true?

"Gorshkov deal: Navy officer in honey-trap?"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Israel is building its arsenal of ethnic cleansing weapons. "The orders … are worded so broadly such as theoretically allowing the military to empty the West Bank of almost all its Palestinian inhabitants." Considering the disaster for the Jews to which current Israeli government policy is leading, they need a Final Solution to deal with the 'demographic problem'.

Bishop's backwards. The scandal isn't Jews attacking the Catholic Church; the scandal is the Jew-controlled media covering up for the Catholic Church for years so the Jews could use the pedophilia as blackmail against the Church to wipe out Christianity in the Holy Land.

"Man sentenced for ‘Jewish lobby’ list" - the truth is starting to cause real problems for World Jewry.

'Pandas' and the Pope. Note the comment from 'Some Redditor'.

Connally and the old fake telephone call trick.

A lot of today's writing from the American unintelligentsia has a very 1929 feel to it.

Joke (this follows a very old template).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Interesting crash in Russia. Wait for the conspiracy theories (Russian nationalists wouldn't have liked to see Russian acknowledgment of the Katyn massacre). Great tragedy for the Polish people in that only one of the twins was on the plane!

Hilarious attempt to defend Dennis Ross and other traitors for Israel with a straw-man army. Jews have been so used to getting their way without need to defend themselves, they have lost sight of the fact that each bungled attempt at rationalization of their evil deeds makes their position worse.

A year or so ago the cowardly bureaucrats at the Toronto District School Board would have caved at any Jewish censorship attempt. The Jews have done so much evil, and so misused their power, that those days are long over.

The infamous machete attack - and how is that police investigation going? - provokes a shocking call from World Jewry to ban free speech and freedom of assembly on Canadian campuses (. . . while events in support of the Jewish State are banned." - what? I guess they'll have to be happy with the stamps). Again, note how it is the mad dog Zionists who insist on destroying the human rights of everybody so they may be allowed to do their evil in peace and quiet.

Remember when it was 'anti-Semitic' to accuse the Israelis of organ theft? Now I suppose it is 'anti-Semitic' to deny the Jews their predominance in the area of organ theft.

Not just organs: if it is not nailed down . . .

Friday, April 09, 2010

The 30-minute gap

Wikileaks left a 30-minute gap in its Iraq slaughter presentation, a gap which contained material somewhat less damning to the Pentagon, leaving a hole right-wingers can drive a propaganda truck through. This gap seems to put Wikileaks back into the category of Pentagon media manipulation tool.

Fooled again

The key to understanding the strange story out of Israel about leaked Israeli military documents is that the alleged leaker, Anat Kamm, appears to be a supporter of the Israeli military and all the evil that it does (before she was an 'Israeli journalist', aka, counterintelligence operative, she worked in the office of the head of Israeli Central Command, Major General Yair Naveh - one of the officers specifically referred to in the incriminating documents! - which is how she got her hands on the documents, documents to which, I might add, her position would not have given her access). This makes it very odd that she would be involved in a campaign to embarrass the Israeli military (also odd: why did Ha'aretz, which seems to be an integral part of the scheme, burn its source and rat her out?).

In fact, the entire operation, involving the phony leaking and a much-publicized gag order - gagging even after all the issues being gagged had been published elsewhere and could be read by any Israeli on the internet (and note how Kamm strongly supported the gag order, playing up its importance although lifting it would have obviously been in her best legal interests!) - and much self-congratulatory overseas blogging, was a successful attempt to shield the Israeli military from the effects of its internal orders to kill captured Palestinians who posed no threat to Israeli soldiers, in complete contravention of international law and even, such as it is, Israeli law. World Jewry, working in tandem around the world, managed to transform a huge Israeli PR problem into a successfully resolved issue of media censorship. Since it was feared the incriminating documents were going to be released anyway, this elaborate charade was concocted to turn a big embarrassment into a smaller one, and one which could be concluded with a big handshake all around congratulating the Jews on their wonderful democracy and freedom of the press. All in all, a brilliant example of intelligence work, involving Jewish agents (in case you need absolutely conclusive byline proof of an Israeli intelligence op - yikes!) all over the world.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Look what the machete brought in

Alleged machete incident. Day or two later, the Jewish Defence League of Canada, the Canadian branch of a group that American law enforcement officials call a 'proscribed terrorist group' (although the Canadian group plays down the connection - except I guess their shared love of Rabbi Meir Kahane - the JDL claims the Canadian organization as a chapter), and the group that boasted of having instructed the Harper government to block the entry of George Galloway into Canada, announces a move into Ottawa. Coincidence?

No-Pay Movement

Matt Taibbi presents the No-Pay Movement as some crazy idea for Greece that just might work, but it seems that it is the only solution that will prevent the banksters from illegally enriching themselves on the backs and out of the skins of the people of Greece (Argentina did almost the same thing a few years ago, with massive success, gaining time and giving the various debt holders a big haircut, but we're supposed to forget about that!). Just tell Goldman Sachs, the other foreign banksters, and especially the IMF - Argentina was further along the road to servitude and eventually paid off all the IMF loans, although many thought that the IMF payment was wasted capital that should have been kept in the country - to go fuck themselves (and tell that Stasi agent who runs Germany to go fuck herself too). There will be hard times, but not nearly as hard than if you follow the 'responsible' path of paying off the lying and stealing banksters (once they see the lay of the land they will be happy to take something rather than nothing), and at the end of the day you are much, much better off if you haven't given up sovereignty to the gang of criminals who call themselves the IMF (the IMF uses the debt as a weapon to squeeze everybody dry for the rest of time, enforcing extreme right-wing policies on the poor and middle classes). As long as you have a real functioning economy - as Greece does - and have proper tax collection procedures - which Greece needs to work on - and block big outflows of capital - the root of the problem in Argentina, facilitated by some as yet uninvestigated criminal enterprises involving Citibank and others - there is absolutely no need to permanently enslave yourselves to pay illegal debts to criminal banksters. The only reason this financial blackmail is ever paid has nothing whatsoever to so with economics, and everything to do with bribes paid by banksters to politicians.

All art belongs to the Jews

You know all those Jewish holocaust art cases, the ones where Jewish Billionaire families obtain works of art from public museums that innocently paid taxpayer money for them? These are works that had been sold at auction in the 30s for fair market value. No wonder these families are so rich, they often triple dipped:
  1. the seller received fair market value in the 30s (to be fair, sometimes this value was lower than it might have been in the best possible market due to the speed at which the sale had to be made);
  2. the families then often received compensation for their various losses (unless the Israeli government, or the Jewish lawyers running the compensation scams, got their hands on it first!); and
  3. they get the art back from the completely innocent public institution.

It should not surprise you in the least that these cases only work one way, if the 'victim' is Jewish. A public institution trying to use the same case law to recover art in the hands of a Jew is out of luck.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It-takes-one-to-know-one department: while all employees of the Jew-controlled media have failed, the grandson of Gandhi finds the Palestinian Gandhi.

"Letter from CCCB President Bishop Pierre Morissette to Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the situation in the Holy Land" It contains references to some of the many outrages committed against Christians by the shitty little country, outrages which the Vatican doesn't complain about because of the pedophilia blackmail operation being run by World Jewry.

Michael Coren, famous for calling for the nuclear genocide of Iranians, interviews the machete 'victim', Nick Bergamini. Note that although Bergamini supposedly ran for his life across the bridge (which goes from Quebec to Ontario), he somehow within minutes talked to Quebec police. And he got the names of numerous eyewitnesses to the attack. Did he walk back to the place where he was attacked and supposedly nearly killed? And why wasn't a police report filed until hours later? A more likely scenario was that he got into a verbal altercation in a bar over Zionism, went home, and later concocted a scheme with his Israeli friend to create some Zionist propaganda. We'll see. Self-described 'conservative', a journalism student and student politician, along with his Israeli pal, suddenly and conveniently find themselves in a hasbara story. Others find the tale a little tall.

Peter Galbraith says Hamid Karzai is on drugs! Of course, any American puppet stating the truth would have to be on drugs. But why are we hearing this from Peter Galbraith?

"Lies, Damn Lies, and Forbes: What the Turkish President Didn't Say about Iran" This is outrageous even by the standards of the neocons and the mainstream media.

"West Virginia Coal Mine Tragedy: Site Where 25 Died Had 57 Safety Violations Last Month" "Massey Energy & Don Blankenship: Million-dollar Tea Party sponsors"

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Wikileaks leak was well presented and damning, making discussions that Wikileaks is some kind of U. S. government front almost certainly Pentagon damage control. They needn't have bothered - all the American discussion that I have seen bends over backwards to rationalize the murders, without the slightest mention of the context that the entire war, and every violent action in it, was completely illegal. The joke is on the Americans. These sickos, playing their murderous video game exactly by the rules (they have to claim to have seen a weapon), will have been turned into total psychopaths by the time they get back home, and all Americans will have to look after the damage they do for the next few decades. On top of the trillions of dollars of the cost of the Wars For The Jews.

"Machete used in anti-Semitic attack, Carleton students say" Wild guess: the police will investigate but won't be able to find anything. World Jewry: “If you permit a constant invective and demonization of the Jewish state and people who support the Jewish state, some people will feel that this gives them the permission or responsibility to carry out this kind of attack.”

Two more Mossad Dubai assassins. Europeans not assisting in Dubai's investigation.

"Kraft's kosher queen will boost Cadbury" Satire from 2006: "Irene Rosenfeld Replaces General Peter Pace"

"Zionist indoctrination" The same thing is true in the United States, where many of these returning soldiers from wars of choice - all of which are now Wars For The Jews - come back to form the backbone of the extreme right. Consider that Nixon, considered at the time to be an evil right-winger, had policies that are miles to the left of Obama. It is not just corporate propaganda that is pushing that move to the right. The culture of ongoing mass murder provides a receptive audience.

The latest Chinese cyber-spying story.

The largest number in physics, the Atwood constant, represents the force required to separate Margaret Atwood from a prize or award.

"The most useless machine ever!"

Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is is obvious that the Catholic Church had a deal with World Jewry. The Jews would use their control of the media to help the Church cover up its kiddy diddling. In return the Vatican would completely abdicate its responsibility to look after the interests of Christians in the Holy Land. I don't know why the Jews reneged on the deal. Probably just arrogance, the realization that the Vatican can't do anything now having failed to do anything for so many years. The Vatican is outraged, and correctly sees a conspiracy (the Vatican conspiracy theory explains the strange Jewish holocaust reference, pretty gutsy considering 'the Rat' was a Nazi). I wonder if we will now see some faint bleatings from Catholic officials about the outrages being committed by Jews against others in Greater Palestine.

Too many anti-Semites to count. Funny how the same people spreading the slur had fuck all to say about Palestinians being denied access to their holy sites by the Jews.

Norman Podhoretz, slumming for the best chance at more Wars For The Jews: ". . . the neocons are simply looking for a new host body and the Tea Party is as good as any."

"Gold Manipulation and an Assassination Attempt" - doesn't sound like an assassination attempt.

One of the problems of socialist reductionism is that it does not allow for considering the relative merits of corporations. Cadbury, Quaker-based, was relatively good; Kraft is fucking Evil. How long will Fairtrade chocolate last in Kraft?

"Why You Should Never Pay More Than $10 For HDMI Cables" - digital either works or it doesn't, so all the marketing and massive overcharging is bullshit.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

War on cheese

War on cheese, aka collective punishment. It's lucky international law doesn't apply to Jews.

"Yediot’s Barnea: Netanyahu asks Wiesel to intervene with Obama"

U. S. under Obama institutes racist profiling in 'war on terror' under direct inspiration from Israel. This is being sold on the basis of preventing another false flag attack like the underpants bomber. Note how Zionism is removing all personal freedoms and turning us all into animals.

Speaking of the vile and direct influence of the shitty little county, Dr. Lani Kass. From Israeli Air Force to Pentagon to 'war on terror'. How clear to they have to make it?

Canada is supposed to withdraw from Afghanistan next year. The propaganda counter-attack has begun (parallel CIA program in Europe, via Wikileaks).

Speaking of Canada, it is funny that Harper is tiring of his best friend, and easily the worst governor-general in Canadian history, Michaëlle Jean . Had she done the right thing, and not prorogued Parliament illegally twice, she would have been able to keep her her job!

"Ten Self-Evident Truths"

"Pre-conference of the indigenous native peasants and social organizations of Bolivia on climate change and rights of Mother Earth"

"From Promoting Acid Rain To Climate Denial: Over 20 Years Of David Koch’s Polluter Front Groups" Koch's activities are a good summary of all the tricks.

Friday, April 02, 2010

How many anti-Semites does it take to screw in a light bulb?

The big American financial institutions remind me of Tony in The Sopranos negotiating how to divide up the right to exploit some garbage routes.

Is Wikileaks a CIA front or is calling Wikileaks a CIA front a U. S. government dirty tricks operation to hurt the reputation of Wikileaks? A phony leak organization is a good way to control the damage, spread disinformation, and possibly run a counter-intelligence operation to identify the leakers. The proof will be in how damaging the leaks are to the U. S. government. Remember that Cryptome in its entire history has never published anything really damaging to the U. S. government, leaving open the possibility that Cryptome is a U. S. intelligence asset.

"Israeli crimes and BBC propaganda march in lock-step"

For Jeffrey Goldberg, absolutely everything he sees reminds him of the only thing he ever thinks about. That reminds me: how many anti-Semites does it take to screw in a light bulb? We'll never know: there are so many anti-Semites, it is impossible to count them all.

The United States today is under utter Jew control, and resembles the old Soviet Union or today's China, in that you can criticize the power structure only if you can find a clever way to disguise your criticism. Here's Robert Pape attacking the American relationship to Israel through discussing the motivations of Chechen widows. He even managed to fool the NYT truth censors.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is a rough day to blog, as half the stories are phony, and the world is so fucked up it is no longer possible to suss out the lies by determining that the content of a story is too awful to be real.

Another Islamophobia show-trial circles the bowl:
"The federal government case against Ottawa terror suspect Mohamed Harkat appears to have suffered a significant blow Wednesday when a document was introduced in court showing that Abu Zubaydah, once considered a senior terrorist and 9/11 mastermind, actually had nothing to do with the attacks.

Even more surprising, the document, which quotes U.S court filings declassified last week, shows that Zubaydah, once believed to be one of the top leaders in al-Qaeda, was not even a member of the terrorist group.

One of Harkat's lawyers, Norm Boxall, said the information is significant because part of the government's case against Harkat is that he is an associate of Zubaydah.

If Zubaydah has no ties to al-Qaeda, as now appears to be the case, a large chunk of the case against Harkat is under question."
The Jews are getting so desperate they have gone gaga. Jew Bret Stephens claims that Petraeus is wrong - it is not the bizarre American support for the Zionazis that threatens American troops, it is Lady Gaga.

Nicaragua: the Americans are following their Venezuelan strategy of using NGOs to destabilize the government.

"Is criticism of Iran a form of anti-Iranianism?" I am reminded of the "We should nuke Israel" parody, and the usual slurring and bullying.