Sunday, April 25, 2010

False flag outrage

The latest brouhaha over South Park was just an advertising campaign to raise awareness of a dying brand - still a good cartoon show though - over a phony controversy concerning two episodes that wouldn't have offended anyone who wasn't a member of an iconoclastic religion that worships Santa Claus. Needless to say, threats arose from a website purported to be run by Islamists, but which was really a false flag front created by a Jewish settler named Joseph Cohen to make Islam look bad. Some idiot 'artist' named Molly Norris tried to make this into a free speech issue (and is now distancing herself from the commotion), and the American knuckle-dragging right, in league with the geigh Dan Savage (another dying brand), is trying to create yet another campaign to advocate making fun of the religious beliefs of the poor and oppressed to allow the rich and powerful to feel more rich and powerful (and drop more bombs on the poor and oppressed). I wonder if the hipsters doing the will of the Jews and their usual allies, the hateful American extreme right, will ever realize they've been punked by the combination of a big corporate advertising campaign and the trickery of a settler.
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