Friday, April 09, 2010

Fooled again

The key to understanding the strange story out of Israel about leaked Israeli military documents is that the alleged leaker, Anat Kamm, appears to be a supporter of the Israeli military and all the evil that it does (before she was an 'Israeli journalist', aka, counterintelligence operative, she worked in the office of the head of Israeli Central Command, Major General Yair Naveh - one of the officers specifically referred to in the incriminating documents! - which is how she got her hands on the documents, documents to which, I might add, her position would not have given her access). This makes it very odd that she would be involved in a campaign to embarrass the Israeli military (also odd: why did Ha'aretz, which seems to be an integral part of the scheme, burn its source and rat her out?).

In fact, the entire operation, involving the phony leaking and a much-publicized gag order - gagging even after all the issues being gagged had been published elsewhere and could be read by any Israeli on the internet (and note how Kamm strongly supported the gag order, playing up its importance although lifting it would have obviously been in her best legal interests!) - and much self-congratulatory overseas blogging, was a successful attempt to shield the Israeli military from the effects of its internal orders to kill captured Palestinians who posed no threat to Israeli soldiers, in complete contravention of international law and even, such as it is, Israeli law. World Jewry, working in tandem around the world, managed to transform a huge Israeli PR problem into a successfully resolved issue of media censorship. Since it was feared the incriminating documents were going to be released anyway, this elaborate charade was concocted to turn a big embarrassment into a smaller one, and one which could be concluded with a big handshake all around congratulating the Jews on their wonderful democracy and freedom of the press. All in all, a brilliant example of intelligence work, involving Jewish agents (in case you need absolutely conclusive byline proof of an Israeli intelligence op - yikes!) all over the world.
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