Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

The hilarious story of Hani Hanjour. I really think Hanjour was written into the tale to prove just how much they could get away with.

Have you noticed that the Berkeley divestment debate was between two groups of Jews? Half way through they probably all switch sides and argue the other position.

Note that Dershowitz' main argument, singling out, is now officially treif, as it backfires badly.

People who question my links are really not going to like this, but where else are you going to read explanations of the inexplicable? I hate linkophobes.

Bibi can't visit Washington as Obama told him he didn't want to see him until Bibi could come up with something helpful to offer the Palestinians, and Bibi has no such ideas. Thus the plan of World Jewry is to hide in the weeds until the next Presidential election, and hope that Rahm can ensure Obama isn't reelected (that's why Rahm forght both Obama and Pelosi and wanted to give up on the fight for the health care bill, surmising that a Democrat loss would permanently brand Obama as a loser). The pathetic efforts of World Jewry to regain its Washington mojo is proof that the Old American Establishment is watching Obama's back, and the idea that American support for Israel is seriously hurting American interests is becoming mainstream (making the continued servility of Congress to World Jewry look even more sad).
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