Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is is obvious that the Catholic Church had a deal with World Jewry. The Jews would use their control of the media to help the Church cover up its kiddy diddling. In return the Vatican would completely abdicate its responsibility to look after the interests of Christians in the Holy Land. I don't know why the Jews reneged on the deal. Probably just arrogance, the realization that the Vatican can't do anything now having failed to do anything for so many years. The Vatican is outraged, and correctly sees a conspiracy (the Vatican conspiracy theory explains the strange Jewish holocaust reference, pretty gutsy considering 'the Rat' was a Nazi). I wonder if we will now see some faint bleatings from Catholic officials about the outrages being committed by Jews against others in Greater Palestine.

Too many anti-Semites to count. Funny how the same people spreading the slur had fuck all to say about Palestinians being denied access to their holy sites by the Jews.

Norman Podhoretz, slumming for the best chance at more Wars For The Jews: ". . . the neocons are simply looking for a new host body and the Tea Party is as good as any."

"Gold Manipulation and an Assassination Attempt" - doesn't sound like an assassination attempt.

One of the problems of socialist reductionism is that it does not allow for considering the relative merits of corporations. Cadbury, Quaker-based, was relatively good; Kraft is fucking Evil. How long will Fairtrade chocolate last in Kraft?

"Why You Should Never Pay More Than $10 For HDMI Cables" - digital either works or it doesn't, so all the marketing and massive overcharging is bullshit.
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