Thursday, April 08, 2010

No-Pay Movement

Matt Taibbi presents the No-Pay Movement as some crazy idea for Greece that just might work, but it seems that it is the only solution that will prevent the banksters from illegally enriching themselves on the backs and out of the skins of the people of Greece (Argentina did almost the same thing a few years ago, with massive success, gaining time and giving the various debt holders a big haircut, but we're supposed to forget about that!). Just tell Goldman Sachs, the other foreign banksters, and especially the IMF - Argentina was further along the road to servitude and eventually paid off all the IMF loans, although many thought that the IMF payment was wasted capital that should have been kept in the country - to go fuck themselves (and tell that Stasi agent who runs Germany to go fuck herself too). There will be hard times, but not nearly as hard than if you follow the 'responsible' path of paying off the lying and stealing banksters (once they see the lay of the land they will be happy to take something rather than nothing), and at the end of the day you are much, much better off if you haven't given up sovereignty to the gang of criminals who call themselves the IMF (the IMF uses the debt as a weapon to squeeze everybody dry for the rest of time, enforcing extreme right-wing policies on the poor and middle classes). As long as you have a real functioning economy - as Greece does - and have proper tax collection procedures - which Greece needs to work on - and block big outflows of capital - the root of the problem in Argentina, facilitated by some as yet uninvestigated criminal enterprises involving Citibank and others - there is absolutely no need to permanently enslave yourselves to pay illegal debts to criminal banksters. The only reason this financial blackmail is ever paid has nothing whatsoever to so with economics, and everything to do with bribes paid by banksters to politicians.
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