Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Interesting crash in Russia. Wait for the conspiracy theories (Russian nationalists wouldn't have liked to see Russian acknowledgment of the Katyn massacre). Great tragedy for the Polish people in that only one of the twins was on the plane!

Hilarious attempt to defend Dennis Ross and other traitors for Israel with a straw-man army. Jews have been so used to getting their way without need to defend themselves, they have lost sight of the fact that each bungled attempt at rationalization of their evil deeds makes their position worse.

A year or so ago the cowardly bureaucrats at the Toronto District School Board would have caved at any Jewish censorship attempt. The Jews have done so much evil, and so misused their power, that those days are long over.

The infamous machete attack - and how is that police investigation going? - provokes a shocking call from World Jewry to ban free speech and freedom of assembly on Canadian campuses (. . . while events in support of the Jewish State are banned." - what? I guess they'll have to be happy with the stamps). Again, note how it is the mad dog Zionists who insist on destroying the human rights of everybody so they may be allowed to do their evil in peace and quiet.

Remember when it was 'anti-Semitic' to accuse the Israelis of organ theft? Now I suppose it is 'anti-Semitic' to deny the Jews their predominance in the area of organ theft.

Not just organs: if it is not nailed down . . .
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