Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some truth, albeit third-hand, from a Cockburn column:
"Yeah, I understand why we’re fightin’ in Iraq, ’cause Israel wants to bomb all those people back to the Stone Age. The reason terrorists are over here is because they are being colonized, the same way that the American Indians fought my ancestors ’cause they were takin’ their land. It makes sense. But the Jewish media talks about terrorism, says it ain’t got nothin’ to do with Palestine. It’s ’cause they hate our freedom, all kind of lies, and the American people: yuh, yuh, the Jews are right. Yuh, gotta protect Israel, preacher said so, God’s chosen people, hallelujah Israel. I wanna go to heaven, and when the Messiah comes along, I gonna be his man."

The anti-Zionist drift in the top brass at the Pentagon - the lower levels are still lousy with Christian Zionists, who have the soldiers fighting a 'crusade' - has not escaped the crazies.

Veolia whitewash doesn't stick.

The White House lites don't like the weasel ad.

More forensic lies:
"Forensic experts regularly testify about the age of bruises down to the hour, providing chronologies that allow prosecutors to give a suspect a window to have committed a crime. Or, alternately, to attempt to put a the crime at a time for which the defendant has an alibi."

What is 'outrageous enough' is that this fucking asshole is appealing to anti-war (!!!!!), anti-capitalist, anti-occupation (!!!!), anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and environmentalist principles to free a bunch of stupid spies who were engaged in an operation for a foreign country against a country of no threat to Americans. If you really want progressive action to free the spies, insist that the American government start treating Iran like it now treats Israel, and start treating Israel like it now treats Iran!

"Internet Ruins Racist Pickup Truck's Fun" - note the connection between the extreme right and Islamophobia, which we usually only see in Europe.
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