Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The conspiraphobic Counterpunch skirts the issue of the background of inexplicable New York Times editorial decisions.

"20 Palestinian fatalities at demos against the apartheid wall"

"Daryl Gates' real legacy" - Hooveresque.

Blowback and the 'demographic problem': DU and other toxins used in the Wars For The Jews and the Israeli assault on the Palestinians may be causing plummeting Israeli sperm counts. It would be hilarious if the Jews do to themselves what Hitler couldn't quite manage.

"The complete guide to modern day climate change" "Climate scientist bashing" "Climategate Closed! Climatic Research Unit Cleared of Malpractice by Independent Review" The editors of the Guardian should be strung up: "Copenhagen destroyed by Danish draft leak, says India's environment minister"

Peter Galbraith

"Fourth New Orleans Officer Charged In Coverup Of Post-Katrina Shootings" - although Obama's been horrible, this and the recent legal action against Goldman Sachs would never have occurred under any Republican President. Never.

"More Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding Kaczynski Plane Crash"

Time traveler.
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