Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is a rough day to blog, as half the stories are phony, and the world is so fucked up it is no longer possible to suss out the lies by determining that the content of a story is too awful to be real.

Another Islamophobia show-trial circles the bowl:
"The federal government case against Ottawa terror suspect Mohamed Harkat appears to have suffered a significant blow Wednesday when a document was introduced in court showing that Abu Zubaydah, once considered a senior terrorist and 9/11 mastermind, actually had nothing to do with the attacks.

Even more surprising, the document, which quotes U.S court filings declassified last week, shows that Zubaydah, once believed to be one of the top leaders in al-Qaeda, was not even a member of the terrorist group.

One of Harkat's lawyers, Norm Boxall, said the information is significant because part of the government's case against Harkat is that he is an associate of Zubaydah.

If Zubaydah has no ties to al-Qaeda, as now appears to be the case, a large chunk of the case against Harkat is under question."
The Jews are getting so desperate they have gone gaga. Jew Bret Stephens claims that Petraeus is wrong - it is not the bizarre American support for the Zionazis that threatens American troops, it is Lady Gaga.

Nicaragua: the Americans are following their Venezuelan strategy of using NGOs to destabilize the government.

"Is criticism of Iran a form of anti-Iranianism?" I am reminded of the "We should nuke Israel" parody, and the usual slurring and bullying.
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