Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Occasionally politicians make a huge mistake and accidentally invite someone prepared to give truthful testimony, in this case making fun of the lie told by American regulators that they lack power to do anything about the financial mess.

More on the Kass treason problem.

Wiesel the weasel:
"Yet, Wiesel conveniently ignores the significance in Islamic doctrine of the Muslim prophet’s seminal journey to Jerusalem, in which he prayed in the Aqsa mosque, an event that is not only mentioned vividly in the Islamic scripture, but has been celebrated every year by Muslims around the world for over 1400 years."
Planted question allows Pentagon to create doubts in the shitty little country (flying across Iraq is too long a trip anyway).

How can you adopt a child without bacon?

Joke from popbitch:
"Q: How do you upset Heather Mills?
A: Nick Clegg."
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