Sunday, April 04, 2010

War on cheese

War on cheese, aka collective punishment. It's lucky international law doesn't apply to Jews.

"Yediot’s Barnea: Netanyahu asks Wiesel to intervene with Obama"

U. S. under Obama institutes racist profiling in 'war on terror' under direct inspiration from Israel. This is being sold on the basis of preventing another false flag attack like the underpants bomber. Note how Zionism is removing all personal freedoms and turning us all into animals.

Speaking of the vile and direct influence of the shitty little county, Dr. Lani Kass. From Israeli Air Force to Pentagon to 'war on terror'. How clear to they have to make it?

Canada is supposed to withdraw from Afghanistan next year. The propaganda counter-attack has begun (parallel CIA program in Europe, via Wikileaks).

Speaking of Canada, it is funny that Harper is tiring of his best friend, and easily the worst governor-general in Canadian history, Michaëlle Jean . Had she done the right thing, and not prorogued Parliament illegally twice, she would have been able to keep her her job!

"Ten Self-Evident Truths"

"Pre-conference of the indigenous native peasants and social organizations of Bolivia on climate change and rights of Mother Earth"

"From Promoting Acid Rain To Climate Denial: Over 20 Years Of David Koch’s Polluter Front Groups" Koch's activities are a good summary of all the tricks.
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