Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A bad case

Hilarious NYT headline:
"Iranian offer on uranium could complicate sanctions talks"
The article has been rejigged and retitled: "U.S. Is Skeptical on Iranian Deal for Nuclear Fuel"

Yes, the complete compliance by Iran with the ostensible purpose of the sanctions could 'complicate' things, especially if the sanctions talk had nothing to do with Iran's mythical nuclear program and everything to do with Jewish power in the Middle East and Washington.

Note how Brazil and Turkey waltzed right in to the huge diplomatic hole created by the fact that the world's only 'superpower' has been rendered completely impotent by having a bad case of the Jews. Brazil may have in fact ended the American veto on world political decisions. The unbelievable weakness in the U. S. - caused completely by Jew-dominance - will be noticed by the rest of the world, and everybody will start to act without regard for the laughing-stock Yanks. We will now find out just how Jew-controlled the Americans really are:
"Will Washington and its allies bow to the evidence? Or will they insist on playing a loser's game?"
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