Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

"Help The Gaza Flotilla Now"

"Boycott BP"

"BP Decisions Set Stage for Disaster"

"BP Pressured Rig Worker to Hurry Before Disaster, Father Says"

Confirmation of the 'blob'?: "BP Goes For Extra Hurricane Point: 22 Mile Long Plume Moving Toward Alabama" Six miles wide.

"Oil spill hearings: BP man on Deepwater Horizon rig refuses to testify, says he will take the Fifth"

"Your Israel lobby at work: ZOA blasts Obama appointee for saying al-Quds" - actually, the amazing thing is he said al-Quds.

Scariest thing I've read in months: "Shalom on the range: In search of the American Crypto-Jew"

"Jewish Tribalism in Action: Charles Schumer poised to become Senate Majority Leader" - makes the point that Jewish success in America isn't due to hard work or innate Jewish intelligence, but what amounts to a secret society headed to dominance through a concerted program of group networking, aided by the fact that nobody is allowed to notice that it is going on. Kagan is another excellent example. This would be unobjectionable if their motives, building Anti-Assimilation Land through violence, weren't so abhorrent. Schumer is utterly open about what he is up to.

"Two Italian Supermarkets Suspend Sales of Settlement Products"

"Settlers Take Over Beit Safafa Home" "Al–Walaja village is gradually disappearing"

Amusing series from Coteret on Israeli 'diplomacy':
  1. Finnish travel agent humiliated after admitting that her fiancé is Egyptian;
  2. Czech Foreign Minister “humiliated”;
  3. GPO sends sarcastic ‘joke e-mail’ on Gaza (this reminds me of the revisionists insisting that the concentration camps were actually a series of health spas for the Jews).
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