Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Is World Jewry experimenting with biological warfare agents on Americans?

There was an order to fire at Kent State.

The Jews have lost control of a large portion of the Canadian media, but are scheming, with the help of the usual shabbos goyim, to get it back.

As I said, there is nothing that will come between third-rate Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood and a prize (with a cool million to make principles melt away). I don't think she's an idiot (although this interview makes her sound like one), but given the certainty of the end of the shitty little country within ten years, she's soon going to look like some kind of monster, like the singers who appeared at Sun City or Heidegger 'getting along' with the Nazis.

"Would You Put Up With What is Being Asked of the Greek People?" The Greek people are going to pay to refinance the loans made through the stupidity of the banksters, then they'll have to pay again when the new loans come due. The politicians were well bribed at the time of the original loans, and are being well bribed to agree to the terms of the refinancing. The only way out of this is to refuse to submit to the schemes of the banksters and their bought politicians. In other words, you can stop paying now, or you can keep paying forever. There is some indication that the Greek people understand this.

"Guest Post: Eyewitness Reports Suggest BP Cut Safety Corners on Deepwater Horizon" Better: there is some indication that the disaster occurred due to inattention caused by the presence of BP bigwigs on the rig celebrating the BP safety record.

Holder changes the story a little from 'lone nut' to a vague Taliban connection, presumably to provide ammunition for weakening the human rights of Americans (Holder is starting to make John Ashcroft look like a relative champion of human rights).

The latest in the fanger attacks against the Zionist Goldstone is to challenge his background as a judge during Apartheid!

Arianna pays the bills: 'Chavez' War Against the Jews"

"The language of Zionism"
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