Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Daniel Pipes thinks the fact that an Arab-American woman won the Miss USA beauty pageant must be an example of affirmative action. After all, how else could such ugly people win beauty competitions? The creepy thing is that beardo Pipes has a world-class collection of photos of Arab winners of beauty competitions! Maybe he secretly realizes he's playing for the wrong team. I wonder what Pipes thinks about all the Jews in the Harvard Law School. Kagan's affirmative action?

Jeffrey Goldberg labels himself a 'liberal' presumably because he has a slightly slower kill rate in the Final Solution for the Palestinians than the craziest of the settlers. In his previous posting, the 'liberal' Goldberg refers to 'ridiculous men like Noam Chomsky', not exactly what a mainstream American liberal might say, especially after Noam had his tarnished reputation polished up in the IDF border car wash.

Smart Weiss: Petraeus is blackmailing the Jews to fund his Presidential run - 'pay for my campaign and I'll stop telling the truth about how much American support for Israel damages the U. S.'

Unclear on the concept: "Corrections of the Times"

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