Monday, May 24, 2010


Obama's sucking up to BP is appalling:
"We should be sending a clear message that this BP oil spill catastrophe will justify preventing Obama from getting a second term. Maybe that would work to get this smarmy politician to do what is right and necessary for millions of Americans that will suffer a long time because of this corporate failure."
"Oceanographers Attack Obama Administration's Oil Spill Response" I wonder what oil spill response they are referring to.

Madsen: "White House Covers Up Menacing Oil "Blob"" If true, this means that the Gulf, and possibly part of the Eastern Seaboard, is already completely and permanently dead, with the 'blob' serving to allow BP to survive on the PR fumes caused by the delay in the full effects of the oil devastation.

On Day One of the spill, a functioning government that wasn't a corporate toady would have:
  1. taken all of BP's assets in partial payment for the damage caused;
  2. hired BP's management to fix the problem under government supervision, on the proviso that each day the spill continued the BP executives would spend an extra year in jail for their crimes;
  3. started the drilling of the relief hole (we keep hearing this is going to take months, so why hasn't it started?);
  4. if the BP 'experts' weren't producing, quickly replaced them with real experts.
Sadly, it is probably already too late.
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