Thursday, May 20, 2010

Red faces at Foggy Bottom

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett on the Jew-slave, Hillary Clinton (my emphasis in red):
"Her actions may also have reflected a certain amount of dishonesty - we do not know what other word to use - on the Obama Administration's part. In the wake of the Brazil-Turkey deal, the Administration is once again requiring Iran's suspension of all activities related to uranium enrichment to avoid the imposition of new sanctions. As of Monday, the Administration's position is that, even if Tehran carried out the steps specified in its agreement with Brazil and Turkey, new sanctions should be adopted unless Iran suspends enrichment activities.

But that had not been the Administration's position since the Baradei proposal for refueling the TRR was first tabled in October. From that point until this Monday, the Administration repeatedly indicated that Iranian acceptance of the Baradei proposal would preclude the imposition of further sanctions, at least until there had been further negotiations about the broader range of issues associated with the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. At least in the near term, the avoidance of new sanctions was no longer linked to suspension. (Senior British officials told us last fall that this was why, as a matter of policy, Her Majesty's Government did not want to see the TRR deal go through - because it would then be practically impossible to sanction Iran over its continued refusal to abide by Security Council resolutions calling for suspension.)

Now that Tehran has accepted the main elements of the Baradei proposal - the transfer of 1,200 kilos of low-enriched uranium out of Iran in exchange for new fuel for the TRR - the United States has unilaterally changed the game."

"Brazil and Turkey - both non-permanent members of the Security Council - are already indicating that they are not about to roll over in the face of Secretary Clinton's bluster. Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu says that Prime Minister Erdoğan will personally lobby his P-5 counterparts not to torpedo the Brazil-Turkey deal by prematurely passing a new sanctions resolution; Davutoğlu himself will work with the 10 non-permanent members. We expect that Brazil will also be intensively involved in efforts to slow the sanctions train. And, behind China's statement of ongoing support for the two-track approach, Chinese sources are indicating that, while it may not be harmful to have the language of a new sanctions resolution ready to go in case the Brazil-Turkey deal falls apart, successful implementation of that deal could obviate the need for new sanctions."

Then they go on to list all the ways the sanctions have been watered down, to the point of being meaningless.

It is rare to see a new world order arrive so cleanly and clearly. The old way, with the United States ordered to perform Jewish folk dances until it was time to unilaterally call for a War For The Jews, wasn't sitting right with the rest of the world, but the Euro-trash dips were too cowed to do anything about it. Enter Brazil and Turkey, and an end to the old unilateralism. In particular, an end to the Jew-goaded American habit of solving all conflicts - or, in this case, phony conflicts - with threats and bluster and war rather than old-fashioned diplomacy (it is interesting that recent American 'diplomacy' is exactly how middle-aged Jews like Dershowitz, Foxman, Horowitz, etc, etc, purport to 'debate': shouting, threatening, bullying) . The Americans always set everything up as 'our way or the highway' - you agree with us 100% on who we're threatening to kill, or you are as bad as they are and also in our sights. Brazil and Turkey called the bluff (along with the very diplomatically clever China). Hillary's puffing and strutting is just more embarrassment for a former superpower, worn out with too many Wars For The Jews.
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