Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The response of Israel to the Gaza flotilla is like somebody trying to answer the question 'When did you stop beating your wife?' No matter what the Jews do, all they end up accomplishing is broadcasting their vileness to the world. Of course, the flotilla organizers know that violent Jewish supremacism is oblivious to how it looks to decent and moral human beings. As always, supremacism contains all that is needed for its own destruction.

"Slamming The Lid On A Can Of Worms" - note the intimidation against those documenting Israeli crimes.

"Israel's Permanent War on Palestine" I think Jonathan Cook is doing the best ongoing job of documenting the crimes of the Jews against the Palestinians.

"How To Make A Population Disappear"

Highway 443:
  1. "Israel's apartheid road"
  2. "Israel allows Palestinians on highway 443 to Ramallah – but blocks the exit"
  3. "The Road to Injustice"
"QuAIA's Tim McCaskell: Pride Toronto's censorship is making "Israeli Apartheid" household words":
"The term 'Israeli Apartheid' will be front and centre in this year's Pride Parade. I'm told [Toronto Councillor] Kyle Rae threatened to start arresting people... Being arrested to talk about my politics in my community is something that I'm quite willing to envisage.... Not everybody would want to be arrested and they might want to protest in other ways. I think what we'll see is a real diversity of tactics around this around the parade. But you can be very certain that 'Israeli Apartheid' will be communicated to all those people who are coming to participate in and watch the parade this year. It will not go away!"
"Canadian Tar Sands Will Be US' Largest Imported Oil Source in 2010: Ecologically Destructive & Immoral." This was the plan all along - replace reliance on the crazies with reliance on those subservient Canadians. This is why the Canadian Governor General was ordered to block the coalition government to be led by an environmentalist who would certainly have put constraints on oil sands development (and why she will go down in history as by far the worst Governor General in the history of Canada). I'm getting sick and tired of people making obviously immoral choices and not being called out on it.

"More news in the vaccination wars":
"Parents who didn’t vaccinate repeatedly cited herd immunity as a flaw in vaccinations, and angrily insisted that it wasn’t their job to look after the health of the community. The emotional reasoning couldn’t be more evident - they seem to believe that anything that is good for your neighbor is by definition taking from you, that there is no such thing as a win-win solution. For this, I blame decades of libertarian/conservative political propaganda that’s made even the ostensibly liberal yuppies that inculcate anti-vaccination sentiment start to think that doing right by their children must mean screwing over all other children. (You also get this mentality in the competition for day care slots and tracking children as 'gifted' at younger and younger ages.) The reality is that life isn’t all dog eat dog. Sometimes by doing right by others, you do right by yourself. Vaccines are a classic example of this - protecting yourself from disease means doing so for others. "
Amazing cartoon on the issue: "The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield"
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