Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Maariv: Minister Ben Eliezer shaken by hostility to Israel in EU, OECD membership notwithstanding":
"Israel is in the worst situation it has ever been in vis-à-vis the world. They just hate you."
"'French Jews killed Muslim out of racist motives'":
""Following the suspects' arrest, it was discovered that Dan L. and his brother, who was also detained, have connections to the Jewish Defense League (JDL), an extreme right-wing group founded by Rabbi Kahana. The two were previously members of the organization.
Btw, whatever happened to that 'anti-Semitic' machete attack in Gatineau?

"Boycotting the boycotters":
". . . Israel itself is one of the world's prolific boycotters. Not only does it boycott, it preaches to others, at times even forces others, to follow in tow. Israel has imposed a cultural, academic, political, economic and military boycott on the territories. At the same time, almost no one here utters a dissenting word questioning the legitimacy of these boycotts. Yet the thought of boycotting the boycotter? Now that's inconceivable."
"Robert Fisk: Dubai police hunt Briton over murder of Hamas official":
"The emirate of Dubai has named a British citizen as a 19th suspect of the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the Hamas official murdered in the emirate four months ago, apparently by a group that included holders of forged British passports. According to a source in the United Arab Emirates, the suspect arrived in Dubai under his own name and carrying a genuine British passport.

The document, the details of which are known by The Independent on Sunday but which we have decided not to publish, shows that he holds a real British passport dated 24 October 2007, valid for 11 years, and was born in 1948. It is believed that his father was a Jewish Palestinian who migrated to the UK just after the Second World War. Dubai police have informed Interpol of the name and passport number of the suspect. The man is believed to be hiding in Western Europe."
"Israeli activist buys Arabs' land for Jewish settlements":
"He gave an example from six months ago. Using an Arab family from the northern Israeli city of Acco, he bought a property in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The Arab family negotiated with the property's Palestinian owners and managed to get what he said was a discounted price for moving in immediately. When the deal had been processed and signed and the money transferred, the Arab family transferred the deed to a Jewish family that moved in."
"From Murder Mystery To Spy Thriller: The Continuing Saga of The Mumbai Terrorist Attacks":
"It has been established that Headley was an agent of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, and his plea bargain leads us to conclude he was also a US intelligence agent: in other words, a spy. It is also known he was involved with the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and supplied information to them about targets attacked on 26/11. There are three possible explanations that would fit these facts:

1) He started off as a US intelligence agent, but was won over by the LeT, and was acting on their behalf.

2) The US intelligence agency employing him was complicit in the 26/11 attacks. Since the most likely fallout of such attacks would be increased tension and even armed clashes on the Pakistan-India border, and since it appears to be a priority of US foreign policy to reduce such tension, this would suggest that Headley was being handled by a rogue element in US intelligence.

3) The third possibility is that he remained loyal to the US agency, which, in turn, was following US policy. His brief, unknown to the FBI, was to infiltrate the LeT, find out their plans, and report to the US agency so that those plans could be foiled. In order to infiltrate the LeT, he had to win their trust by participating in their activities, including preparations for their Bombay attacks, and while he was doing so, the FBI got on his trail. He did, in fact, pass on intelligence of the planned 26/11 attacks to his US handlers, who, in turn, passed it on to Indian intelligence.

All these are plausible scenarios, but what more or less rules out 1) and 2) is that, as Mushrif reminds us, US intelligence did alert the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) on 18 November 2008 that an LeT ship was trying to infiltrate Indian waters with hostile intent and provided its coordinates, after having earlier warned of an attack from the sea on coastal hotels (pp.182-87). Headley was the likely source of this intelligence. If he was an LeT agent, why would he pass it on to the US agency? And if the latter wanted the attack to succeed, why would they pass on the intelligence to RAW? So 3) seems the most likely explanation."

"But why would Indians block intelligence that could have prevented the terrorist attacks of 26-29 November 2008? Mushrif’s explanation is that the IB has been infiltrated by Hindu extremists who in the last few years have changed their strategy from fermenting communal pogroms to carrying out terrorist attacks and blaming them on Muslims."
The BDS campaign, and the movement to depict the shitty little county as an apartheid state, have proven so successful that Shin Bet has taken to arresting Palestinian intellectual leaders.

"The Search for Cleopatra’s Tomb Redux"

"FBI Hopes Leaky Breast Implant Points Way to Most Wanted Fugitive 'Whitey' Bulger"
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