Sunday, May 23, 2010

Terrorism and diplomacy

Ray McGovern does a good job at tying together the terrorist attack on Iran by Jundallah - a group the United States funds - and the collapse of the last round of Iranian nuclear negotiations. In a nutshell, the U. S. sabotaged the negotiations by ordering a terrorist attack at the critical time. The sabotage explains why it has been hard to read Iranian intentions - Iran has always wanted some kind of swap deal, but correctly doesn't trust the Jew-slave Americans. Speaking of which, from "Iran, Sun Tzu and the dominatrix" by Pepe Escobar":
"Let's face it: Hillary Clinton is one hell of a dominatrix.

At first the United States Secretary of State said the Brazil-Turkey mediation to get Iran to accept a nuclear fuel swap was destined to fail. Then the US State Department said it was the 'last chance' for an agreement without sanctions. And finally, less than 24 hours after a successful agreement in Tehran, Hillary whips the UN Security Council into submission and triumphantly proclaims to the world a draft resolution for a fourth UN round of sanctions against Iran has been reached.

She framed the drive towards sanctions as 'an answer to the efforts undertaken in Tehran over the last few days'. Wait a minute. Immediately after a genuine - and fruitful - mediation on a very sensitive dossier by two emerging powers - and honest brokers - in the multipolar world, Brazil and Turkey, Washington and its two European Union allies at the Security Council, France and Britain, torpedo it. Is this what passes for global 'diplomacy'?"

and (my emphasis in red):
"So we have come to a situation whereby a real, Iran-approved nuclear fuel swap is on the table at the International Atomic Energy Agency while an offensive towards sanctions on Iran is ongoing at the UN. Who is the real 'international community' going to trust? Erdogan could not have put it better; 'This is the time to discuss whether we believe in the supremacy of law or the law of the supremes and superiors ...'

Most of all, what the developing world sees is the past - US, France, Britain, Germany - fighting against the advance of the future - China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia. The global security architecture - policed by a bunch of fearful, self-appointed Western guardians - is in a coma. The 'Atlanticist' West is sinking Titanic-style.

Only the powerful pro-infinite war lobby in the US is capable of framing a first step towards a full nuclear agreement with Iran as a disaster. That includes the largely discredited pro-Iraq war New York Times (the Brazil-Turkey mediation is 'complicating sanctions talk') and Washington Post (Iran 'creates illusion of progress in nuclear negotiations').

For the pro-war lobby the Brazil-Turkey-mediated fuel swap is a 'threat' because it is on a direct collision course with an attack on Iran (initiated by Israel, then dragging the US) and 'regime change' - the never-reneged Washington desire.

At a recent Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal, luminary Dr Zbigniew 'let's conquer Eurasia' Brzezinski warned that a 'global political awakening', along with infighting among the global elite, was something to be deeply feared. The former US national security adviser remarked that 'for the first time in all of human history mankind is politically awakened - that's a total new reality - it has not been so for most of human history'.

Who do these politically awakened upstarts such as Brazil and Turkey think they are - daring to disturb 'our' rule of the world? And then uninformed Americans keep asking themselves 'Why do they hate us?' Because, among other reasons, unilateral to the core, Washington does not hesitate to lift its middle finger even to its closest friends."
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