Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 10, 2010

Wayne Madsen sometimes goes overboard, but this report (0r here) on the BP/Haliburton attack on the world seems just about right.

"Oil: So how'd the BP executives get off the Deepwater Horizon?" Answer: they didn't have to pee in a cup.

"Oil Slickonomics (Part II)"

How supremacists think: "PM Shamir on terrorism: it’s ok, if you are a Jew"

"Sheizaf: A tale of two charters"

"Ottawa tilts towards Israel in a nonsensical way" Certainly the Christian Zionists have their share of the blame, but ignoring Jewish blackmail and bribery, and Jewish control of the media, is a huge mistake.

Speakeing of which, the Jews lost control of the CanWest television stations, so have come up with a quick backroom deal to keep the newspapers. The named main player is GoldenTree Asset Management.

"Sfard: The lesser known settlement freeze deal" Since there is no freeze anyway, the whole thing is a joke intended to give more concessions to the nuttiest of the settlers.

Noam, champion of espionage.

"Declassified GAO Report Exposes Fatally Flawed Israel Investigations"

"Kagan Nomination Reveals How Jews Operate" - very smart. The concept of 'group brilliance' seems to be particularly connected with Harvard (other obvious fools are Larry Summers, Michael Ignatieff, and Niall Ferguson). You can probably connect the decline of the United States in a mire of elitist group-think and nepotism to the decline of its most famous university.

Speaking of which: "The Harvard Number" (why are the white supremacists the only ones on top of these issues?)

"OECD Accepts Israel as Member, Group Expanding to 34" Unfortunate, but more evidence of the widening, and huge, gap between the elites and decent human beings.

"Welfare system could cause Israel to collapse, economist warns"

The mysterious disappearance of a nuclear scientist.

"Sampling of BDS creativity - Ireland, UK, France, US and Canada"

Note the picture: I think Uri Avnery is smoking crack.

Payback for the patsy: "Barrage of Drone Missiles in North Waziristan" (part of "Drone Watch 2010")

"Manchurian Candidate Market" But is it necessary to scare politicians if you own them?
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