Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tuesday, May 5, 2010

"Oil Slickonomics" Actually, 'The Ugliest' seems to be optimistic.

"Real Estate Near The Gulf" The beaches will all be destroyed by oil until global warming comes along and makes the beaches disappear.

"The United States Congress should meet in emergency session and pass a law that the corporate heads of companies that wreak environmental devastation should be subject to criminal prosecution, up to and including capital punishment. All limits on civil liability must be lifted."

The Palestinian Authority is using US taxpayer money - well, at least money off US government printing presses - to build roads which will be used to assist the Jews in stealing more Palestinian land.

Fanger rolls out his only 'logic' - the slur. Mearsheimer is just making the lite/fanger distinction, and is w-a-y too easy on World Jewry.

Good snippet of a tiny portion of the scheming used to build the shitty little country.

Note the comment on Jewish billionaire Saban: "Now we gut him like a fish." And the secret society of thieves reply: "You asshole. I’m one of you." I. e., we reserve the gutting for the gentiles.

Icelandic banks failed because their owners and a good portion of the politicians stole them blind.

"Michael Jackson's Lawyer -- Mystery Suicide Note"

"The 'Lindsay Lohan Has HIV' Twitter Scam That Fooled Everyone"
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