Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There's a big struggle amongst the Jews over the flotilla to Gaza. The fangers want to sink and kill; the lites think that Israeli legitimacy can't stand another hit. Thus the schizophrenic response. Turkey helped Israeli into the OECD on the understanding that Israel would allow Turkish humanitarian aid into Gaza. Now Israel is offering to allow Turkish humanitarian aid into Gaza as long as Turkey stops the flotilla!

"Israeli Think Tank Calls for Sabotaging "Delegitimizers" of Israel":
"By claiming that respect for Palestinian rights, whether as refugees or as Israeli citizens, would result in the “elimination” of the Israeli state, the Reut Institute gives its stamp of approval to the view that underpinnings of the Israeli government are incompatible with universally accepted human rights codified in basic instruments of international law. Thus, without intending, the Reut Institute lends its authoritative voice to human rights advocates who condemn the discriminatory Israeli form of government as outside the law and therefore illegitimate."
Dersh: the 80 percent case! I'd like to hear the 80 percent case for the Nazis. Dersh, after looking the same for decades, suddenly looks old, close to death even. Is it all the lying?

"Arrest warrant issued for mystery Scot Christopher Lockwood in hunt for killers of Hamas official assassinated by Mossad" If he is not in Israel, he will be trying to get to that international haven for criminality (a link in the Desertpeace posting leads to a Jewish scam I'd never heard of - the 'locksmiths' in question seem to still be in business). Note how the haven is used in the attack on Iceland.

"Oil inspectors let companies fill in own audits, while one admitted getting high on meth, report says" "Oil Rig Survivors Held by Company for 40 Hours Without Contact"

"Gerald Posner's Plagiarism Is a Bottomless Pit (Allegedly)" Read the comment on nosejobs.

I hadn't heard this one:
"When the most relevant of these tapes was released, Nixon advisor Dean Burch said of George H.W. Bush: 'He broke out in a**holes and sh*t himself to death…'"
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