Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Madness: BP Left Off Second Emergency Cutoff + When Do We Say 'Enough'?"

"Job interviews for the position of imam at mosques in Israel are conducted not by senior clerics but by the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret police, a labour tribunal has revealed."

"The role of Magnetar in the subprime CDO deals"

As an election campaign stunt, the British government is pretending to keep the Mossad rep out of the Israeli London embassy until Israel promises to stop illegally using British passports, a promise Israel refuses to make. Meanwhile, the Australian government continues to find new ways to bury the scandal.

The world's most famous group of thieves keep thieving.

"Is the Olokun Head the real thing?":
"On its discovery, exactly a century ago, the life-size Olokun Head was considered too great a masterpiece to have been created by African hands, a reflection of attitudes at the time. Some European scholars even believed it to be evidence of the lost civilisation of Atlantis."
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