Monday, May 17, 2010

Weiss alert

Occasionally, as I just did, I'll praise Weiss, but this posting proves, definitively, that at heart he is just another supremacist Jew using his status as a 'lite' to further violent and utterly abhorrent Jewish group goals. Look at the video. The vile Horowitz bullies a student trying to ask an honest question about the smears he conducts against legal criticisms of Israeli actions on American campuses (note how her outfit seems to give him the right to ask her completely irrelevant and illegitimate questions - that's what scary, and the fact that Weiss' supremacism blinds him to it). It is impossible for any decent and moral human being to misconstrue this video as Weiss so easily does. The supremacist Jews will never be able to fix the problem that they have caused (ironically, given the video, the problem will be fixed by the Hezbollah defensive rocket fire), and people like Weiss are a big part of the problem.
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