Monday, June 07, 2010

Another massacre victim

World Jewry now has the head of Helen Thomas to mount on its trophy wall (alongside the testicles of the United States). In the middle of the worldwide revulsion over the slaughter by the Jews of the humanitarians, somebody asked her a stupid question, and she responded with an answer reflecting frustration of the ongoing unpunished outrages committed by World Jewry. World Jewry immediately saw a way to add to its immense trophy collection:
  1. Jews hate Helen Thomas as she was the only non-prostitute amongst the collection of sycophants known as the White House correspondents, and kept asking impertinent questions about the Wars For The Jews;
  2. Thomas' answer denigrated the Superior Beings and of their only God, the Jewish holocaust, an unpardonable sin; and
  3. World Jewry desperately needed a way to change the subject from its unspeakable evil, especially a way which made it look like those who were repulsed by the unspeakable evil of the Jews were just anti-Semites.
The Head Jew ordered an immediate mobilization and the Jews went to work (note that no apology would have been enough for the fangs of Foxman). The result was inevitable in a country where even the President has to beg the Jews to lift their jackboots from his neck so he can wheeze out praise of them (note the pusillanimous typical American scared reaction to Jew-power - everybody is wrong, it is just too complicated, etc, etc). Decent and moral people everywhere despise the Jews and their murderous acts, but are stymied from doing anything about it by the vile Jew-owned politicians and 'journalists'. The end of Helen Thomas' illustrious career, killed by the hubris of World Jewry, will be another step in the eventual and certain victory of moral and decent people over the Jews and their monstrous acts.
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