Thursday, June 03, 2010


We've been facing a hasbara bombardment of unprecedented ferocity, but here come the eyewitnesses (Israel tried to keep them isolated long enough so the story would go away, but Turkey wrecked that plan):
  1. Jamal Elshayyal;
  2. Israeli MP Haneen Zoabi (who was just about lynched in the Knesset for telling the truth);
  3. Sarah Colborne (I can't get all the Guardian video to work);
  4. Kevin Ovenden;
  5. a list from the BBC;
  6. an early list from the Guardian.
It is clear that live rounds were used before the IDF soldiers boarded the ship, shots were fired from the helicopter, and people died because the IDF denied them treatment.

Oh, and here's the American victim of a terrible game of paintball. Do you think the pantywaists will protest the murder of one of their own citizens?
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