Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Greek Tragedy in Jerusalem"- rather detailed example of how the Jews steal land in the shitty little country.

"New Zealand Bans Shechita" I think both Jews and Muslims living in the 'West' are going to have to get used to eating animals that haven't been tortured to death. Religious food rituals baffle me.

"More About Captured Presumed Mossad Terrorist"

"Is Ken Weitzner Really Dead?" "Kenneth Weitzner Death Confirmed" " Connects Dots in Ken Weitzner Case"

They found the body of the missing Deep River nuclear scientist in the Ottawa River, apparently at Deep River. If so, he probably fell through the ice (global warming has ruined the old wisdom about when it is safe to walk on the ice). On the other hand, when the CBC first reported the story, it claimed the body was found in the river behind the Prime Minister's residence in Ottawa, many many miles, and a couple of hydro dams, downstream. The body behind the Prime Minister's residence is now supposed to be another body. Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Speaking of Ottawa, what ever happened about the alleged 'anti-Semitic' machete attack? I would assume the police are either going to arrest someone for the attack, or arrest someone for filing a false police report.

"Masked Attack" - with all the talk about the flotilla massacre by the Israeli government, we tend to forget the many, many, many acts of violence conducted by individual Jews.

Despite the fact that Americans are so embarrassed about being Jew-slaves that they have to wear brown paper bags over their heads, the Old American Establishment still finds ways to push back, at least a little: "Wilson Center honors Turkish foreign minister with 'Public Service Award'" Davutoglu is the architect of the new Turkish role in world affairs.

Out collective outrage doesn't bother them - in fact, it pushes them to ever more vile behavior - but this will get their attention: "Turkey reportedly freezes defense deals with Israel":
"The 16 projects reportedly suspended include a $5 billion deal for 1,000 Merkava Mark III tanks, a $50 million plan to upgrade Turkish M-60 tanks, and an $800 million agreement to buy two Israeli patrol aircraft and an Airborne Warning and Control System jet. Turkey is also putting aside a $632.5 million deal for 54 F-4 Phantom jets, and a $75 million program for 48 F-5 fighter bombers, says the report."

"'Some of My Best Friends Are in Concentration Camps': The Absence of Jews in Hitchcock's WWII Films" No doubt another 'anti-Semite'. It is also an outrage that Hitchcock didn't make any films about zebras or giraffes.
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