Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hive mentality

Another distinctive characteristic of supremacists is a tendency to value the group above all else. Thus, individuals are easily sacrificed for the good of the group. We saw that quite clearly in the Israeli attack on Lebanon, where Israeli soldiers were sent on a suicide mission over the border in the hopes they would be killed or at least taken prisoner, thus giving the Jews the excuse to kill more people and steal their land (and water).

In the Gaza flotilla massacre, the first soldiers were sent by helicopter into a situation that could not end well for them (amusing illustration). In other words, Israeli commanders broke military engagement protocol in order to ensure that the first soldiers were attacked in self-defense by the mob on the ship. They made sure there would be a self-defense reaction by firing on the ship first. The intention of the military planners was to have the first soldiers killed or injured, in order to provide the basis for the lie that the IDF acted with the minimal force necessary and in self-defense. Thus, individual Jews are just worker bees, sacrificed for the good of the hive.
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